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January 8th, 2015, posted by linc

E-cig Review: Derby City Flavor

Derby City Flavor

Derby City Flavor

At last! Another vape review!

Derby City Flavor was kind enough to send me a few samples for review. In the interest of full disclosure, they sent the samples free of charge for review purposes. I vaped the samples using cartomisers, iClear30S and Protanks, on a variety of different regulated mods. I am not really a “dripper”, but a dedicated day to day vaper and I appreciate e-juices that are tankable, like these, however, Derby City Flavor does state on their website that they will be happy to mix blends suitable for drippers as well. Just ask them ;)

Derby City Flavor sent me 5 7mil sample bottles of juice, a couple stickers (nice touch) and some literature. My initial impressions are always about the actual bottles, and in this case, they are glass, with glass drippers and beautifully printed labels. This, to me is impressive and I cannot stress how much this smacks of care, pride and quality. All the absolute top e-liquid vendors present their wares this way and for good reason. These types of bottles are more durable, better looking, more functional and easier to use, and will never impart any rubbery or plasticy taste to the juice. My ONLY caution about these particular bottles is they do not have child safety caps, so when you order from Derby City Flavor, as you will want to, make sure to lock your juices away securely from curious little fingers.

Now down to the juices. The reason I was so excited for these to arrive is that one of my all-time favorite drinks is chai-tea, and that was one of the flavors they were sending. Of course, this was the very first one I loaded up. Mandvi Chai Tea. I was initially pretty disappointed in it (hear me out). This did NOT taste like chai-tea to me. In fact, it took me almost an entire tank to figure out what it was. You’ll notice I just said I vaped a tank, well, just because I said it didn’t taste chai to me, doesn’t mean it wasn’t strangely addictive. It was a very earthy taste with a strong but familiar “something” spice. Turns out that spice was the clove, which didn’t occur to me until almost after a full tank. I used to smoke cloves when I was younger so the taste was just familiar enough to bug me until I figured it out. This is where the story gets odd though. By coincidence, I had to run off to tend to some family business for an extended period and didn’t restart my taste testing in earnest for almost a month. I loaded the chai back up for some of that yummy clove and behold! It’s MUCH more chai now. I guess this is just a lesson on steeping? Anyway, the website describes this juice as:

Mandvi Chai Tea – From the ancient port of Mandvi on the Arabian Sea, Derby City Flavor brings the sultry flavors of India. Our mystifying blend of spices evokes the meeting of the maritime spice trade and the camel caravans bearing spices more precious than gold. Experience an exotic treasure, heady with cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon.

I think it is a very earthy very clovey mixture, with a decent hint of chai, and it’s also quite good (let it steep).

Next up was the Raspberry Linzer Macaroon which the website describes as:

Raspberry Linzer Macaroon – Like the now-famous Linzer torte, our Austrian-inspired elixir marries the sweet fruity notes of raspberries with the soft warmth of almond for a delicate and sophisticated treat. Rumor has it Mozart himself favored such treats!

This one smells so good from the bottle you’ll want to just drink it. It’s a very warm and earthy, almost spiced flavor (perhaps it’s a bit of that almond taste) with just the slightest hint and after-vape lip taste of cooked raspberries. Sort of a naturally sweet taste and not like artificial raspberry candies.

On to Moroccan Mint Tea which says:

Moroccan Mint Tea – Mint tea is prized in the heat of Morocco for the refreshing cool the mint provides, and its preparation for honored guests is an ancient and noble tradition. Enjoy our version of this soothing treat in an elixir that evokes the cool of shade after the desert sun. You don’t even need to wait for guests!

And this one is right on and delicious. I can taste the fresh mint and a black tea behind it. This is good stuff!

Next was Phu-ket Mango Lychee described as:

Phu-ket Mango Lychee – The rich sweetness of mangoes from the steamy jungles of Thailand, balanced by an exotic twist of lychee, combine to bring you a flavor unlike any other. Let our elixir take you to a land of wonder.

I like this and I am not really a lychee fan, but I think this is really done right. That balance with the mango makes this an exotically fruity adventure for your palate. There is something snappy about this one that makes it really a pleasure to vape.

Last but certainly not least is the Cuba Libre which says:

Cuba Libre – A patriot’s drink, this classic celebrates the heroic spirit of the freedom-fighter. Our elixir captures this independent spirit along with the traditional blend of sweet cola, heady tropical rum, and a refreshing dash of cooling lime. Celebrate your own independence!

Now I guess I am not much of a drinker because I had never heard of such a drink before and, as a general rule of thumb I do NOT read the descriptions on the bottles or websites before sampling the juices because I believe that can cloud my impressions. This one not only had me stumped but it was ABSOLUTELY FREAKING DELICIOUS. I still cannot put it down. It took both me and my wife 2 days to figure out that it was a cola flavor base. I have never had a “good” cola flavored juice before. Just amazing. I am sure that most of you, as vapers, have heard or experienced “vapor tongue”, a phenomena which briefly causes your e-juice to taste somewhat like wet cardboard. Most people resort to candies and things to get that to subside but THIS juice is the cure. The lime in this just cuts right through your vapor tongue. It’s a treat!

Well, there you have it folks! Derby City Flavor has 3 different series of juices and all of these except the Cuba Libre were from their Ports Of Call series with the Cuba Libre being from their Caribbean Indulgence series. They offer juices in 0, 6 or 12mg nic in 7, 15 or 30ml sizes (buy the 30s you’ll like the juice). Prices at a very reasonable $7, $11 and $19 respectively. Their stuff is just delicious so go and order some and you’ll be glad you did!

October 25th, 2014, posted by linc

Mastering Proxmox by Wasim Ahmed / Packt Publishing

Mastering Proxmox

Mastering Proxmox

Where do I even begin here.. Well, at the beginning. This book is really aimed at people who are both somewhat familiar with Linux and, at least conceptually with virtualization. In a nutshell, this book will take you through a soup-to-nuts clustered Proxmox install.

For a 300 page book, there is a pretty good amount of information to cover here and you start right out with an overview of then menu system – what to find on what tab and that sort of thing. This is followed very closely by actually setting up a basic cluster, the part of the first chapter that I spent the most time in. Once you have worked your way through that far, you are really already successfully running your own cluster and the rest of the book is your reference materials and in depth learning. You go through a lot of information on configuration files and shared storage solutions (which you really need for a clustered installation), networking, advanced configs for your virtual machines, high availability, troubleshooting issues, etc..

What I liked? Well, I think the book is layed out well, except for maybe placing the menu section before the install section of the first chapter. The book follows a sensical path throughout. The examples are great and clear as well as the diagrams. The book is not at all hard or too technical to follow for the subject matter. The troubleshooting section was a big help for me and I think a boon for the book. I really liked it and ended up with a working cluster at the end (actually somewhere in the middle).

Definitely another keeper. Mastering Proxmox is something you really should look into if you are at all interested in doing any computer virtualization. There is plenty in there to learn and for around $20 I don’t think you can beat the price!

September 9th, 2014, posted by linc

Review: Penetration Testing with the Bash shell by Keith Makan – Packt Pub.

Penetration Testing with the Bash shell

I’ll have to say that, for some reason, I thought this book was going to be some kind of guide to using only bash itself to do penetration testing. It’s not that at all. It’s really more like doing penetration testing FROM the bash shell, or command line of you like.

Your first 2 chapters take you through a solid amount of background bash shell information. You cover topics like directory manipulation, grep, find, understanding some regular expressions, all the sorts of things you will appreciate knowing if you are going to be spending some time at the command line, or at least a good topical smattering. There is also some time spent on customization of your environment, like prompts and colorization and that sort of thing. I am not sure it’s really terribly relevant to the book topic, but still, as I mentioned before if you are going to be spending time at the command line, this is stuff that’s nice to know. I’ll admit that I got a little charge out of it because my foray into the command line was long ago on an amber phosphorous serial terminal. We’ve come a long way, Baby :)

The remainder of the book deals with some command line utilities and how to use them in penetration testing. At this point I really need to mention that you should be using Kali Linux or BackTrack Linux because some of the utilities they reference are not immediately available as packages in other distributions. If you are into this topic, then you probably already know that, but I just happened to be reviewing this book while using a Mint system while away from my test machine and could not immediately find a package for dnsmap.

The book gets topically heavier as you go through, which is a good thing IMHO, and by the time you are nearing the end you have covered standard bash arsenal commands like dig and nmap. You have spent some significant time with metasploit and you end up with the really technical subjects of disassembly (reverse engineering code) and debugging. Once you are through that you dive right into network monitoring, attacks and spoofs. I think the networking info should have come before the code hacking but I can also see their logic in this roadmap as well. Either way, the information is solid and sensical, it’s well written and the examples work. You are also given plenty of topical reference information should you care to continue your research, and this is something I think people will really appreciate.

To sum it up, I like the book. Again, it wasn’t what I thought it was going to be, but it surely will prove to be a valuable reference, especially combined with some of Packt’s other fine books like those on BackTrack. Buy your copy today!

July 16th, 2014, posted by linc

Peter Project?

Without going into a giant back story (that I would be happy to share if there were interest), years ago one of the ministries I was involved heavily in was a homeless ministry. It’s been a while but I have been burdened for this once more….

In the Bible, there is this great passage in John where Jesus is talking to Peter and asks “Do you love me?” and Peter says yes and Jesus says “then feed my sheep”.. This happens 3 times (no doubt for emphasis). Anyway, there is a lot of meaning in there if you care to examine it but you get the gist. Never have I felt so fulfilled in my spiritual life than when I was feeding the homeless, and in Philly I run into them constantly. It pains me not to have something to give them and I refuse to hand out money (for obvious reasons). Therefor I am starting what I’ll refer to as the Peter Project.

I, along with my wife’s generous help, am going to make sure that I have at least one lunch bag with me every day containing a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, a water and a hand written note that says:

Several years ago I met a guy that saved my life. All he asked for in return was for me to bring you this food. He said to tell you he loves you and he wishes you would call on him sometime so you two could talk. His name is Jesus.

Now here’s where you all come in. While it would be great if you have the inclination to donate ($5 buys a lot of peanut butter), what I REALLY would love to see is YOU doing the same thing. It’s gotta cost less than a buck a day for you to follow suit. Think about it. for less than $400 over an _entire year_ you can PERSONALLY provide a meal for someone who needs it EVERY DAY. Please contact me and share your success stories! Who’s in?

June 30th, 2014, posted by linc

A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Seventh Edition

A Practical Guide to Fedora and  Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Seventh Edition
  Sometimes timing ius everything. At least it was fortuitous this time for me. Due to some unforeseen circumstances, I had been sitting on this review for a little while. There has been a lot of bad news going around lately so It was really a great pick me up to see they had used one of my quotes in the book. That’s always a nice thing ;)

The rest of the book came with surprisingly good timing as well. You see, it just so happens that I have been working lately at readying my work infrastructure for the additional release of RHEL 7. This book helps to take a lot of pain out of that new release by going over what I believe are the important changes / additions a person really should know.

Like Sobells other books, he takes great pains to guide you through a variety of topics that generally amount to a good basic understanding of the operating system. You learn about the desktop and the shell and how to set up and run some common services. Much of it is updated information from his previous versions of this book as you would expect. Where it strays are the things I just happened to be particularly interested in on this go around. The biggest changes to quickly get a hold of with the new RHEL 7 stuff, as far as I am concerned, is the replacement of MySQL with MariaDB, the new firewalld daemon and the service to systemctl transition. Mark not only mentions all these but does a good job at general instruction for their use. He also adds a new chapter dealing with virtualization, covering not only KVM but also VMware and Cloud Computing, which, of course are going to be good ways for you to set up those practice VMs you are going to want to play with.

Sobell is one of those authors that, as a techie guy, I am always excited to read and review, and this time is no exception. This book, A Practical Guide to Fedora and Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Seventh Edition, is going to be another on my “recommend to read” list and a constant traveler with me for quite a while. For $60 US cover price ($33 right now on Amazon) you get not only this weighty volume of information, but a nice Fedora 19 DVD and 45 days free access to the online edition of the book as well (to help keep your work bag more manageable ;) Another keeper from Mark Sobell and Prentice Hall. Get your copy today!

June 21st, 2014, posted by linc

Linux System Administration LiveLessons By Ben Whaley (Pearson)

Wow, where do I even start. This is a LOT of material and really, my first review of a lengthy video (series). The series consists of 9 downloadable .mov files which total up to approximately 1.3Gb of space and around 350 minutes of video, or about 5.5 hours according to my video players calculations.

The first noticeable bonus from a video series as opposed to a book, is, well, video. You get to watch commands and examples in real time along with the information. Of course, the inverse is also true and if you are looking for quick reference or brevity then a book is really the way to go. Somehow, however, it almost seems as though I tend to get less distracted from the content with video than with a book. That can indeed be a bonus!

There are 9 video sections or selections in this series and the are as follows: Where to start, The Shell, Booting and Shutting Down, Access Controls and Root Powers, Controlling Processes, The File System, Log Files, TCP/IP Networking and finally, Security. This really is an exceptionally wide range of information to cover, I think, and that brings me to my review.

This videos series says it is aimed at Linux beginners, Administrators familiar with other OSes and Anyone interested in learning about Linux. All in all, I think that covers exactly everybody, everywhere. If you combine that with the enormous amount of information that wants to be covered in the subject material it just makes the objective impossible. I found the information good in some areas, too advanced for general and new users in others and completely missing in places as well. Even topically it seems a bit disjointed to me, for instance talking about how to “start out” without ever stepping through an actual Linux install, just use some pre built virtual machine copy. You hear a lot about running Linux via Vagrant and Virtualbox but as an actual System Administrator, I can assure you, that is not how most people run it. I realize we are talking nuts and bolts OS stuff here but I also found the content a bit dry. Some user or admin stories would have helped a great deal in that area. I would think finding a way to keep the interest of your audience would be even more paramount when dealing with dry technical content.

Now, does this mean it was all bad? Not at all and don’t walk away from this review with that impression. There is some genuinely good information buried in there for most Administrator levels, just realize that if something sounds too advanced or technical for you, skip to the next video chapter, much like you would in a book. Ben seems to not only know what he’s talking about but I don’t think I noticed him saying “er” or “ah” or “um” in nearly 6 hours of video :) Usable as it is, the perfect fix for this would be to split the info up into 2 *much* shorter general videos. Aim one of them at the total beginner and aim the other at advandced. You may even want to break off some of the heavier topics for their own videos where they can get more specialized attention. Networking would be a great candidate for that.

I love Pearson to death as they have some of the best techie content out there, but this one needs some work I think.

June 9th, 2014, posted by linc

A long, long time ago…

That’s when I last put anything on here. A long time ago. I need to fix that.

Other than just being crazy busy these past few months, my family has gone through a cancer scare which has had me driving back and forth to New York quite a bit. I just found it hard to actually sit down and write anything or do anything creative, really. I do have some upcoming reviews and informational tidbits planned though, so if you are still checking here occasionally, you are apt to catch some honest to goodness real content soon!

June 9th, 2014, posted by linc

DC VapeFest



This past weekend I went to the DC Vapefest as sort of a mini vacation with my wife. This was the very first big meetup I went to and it was pretty cool to see all the people there!
And people there were… LOTS of them! Oddly enough, most everyone wearing a black T shirt of some kind or another, so there was an absolute sea of black shirts as far as the eye could see. So many that the venu was almost too crowded to get through (the exhibitors/vendors area at least). That’s what I was there for really, to browse through the vendor area and it was easy to see I was not alone :)
There were soem familiar favorites there like Madvapes and Mount Baker Vapor and some others unfamiliar to me. I picked up a tank at Madvapes, some Uncle Junk’s John Wayne juice (delicious) and my wife found some juices she likes at the Zeus Juice booth. All in all it was a good time except for the extreme crowding. They really need a bigger venue. The vape haze there was comical!
I think the thing that interested me the most there was what I DIDN’T see. Sure I saw a plethora of Nautilus tanks floating around and those that didn’t sport them were playing with their RDA’s, but I didn’t see ANY 26650 mods, and I was SURE there would be an explosion of them. Maybe my meter is off or something :) Or maybe they will all be there next year? I guess we’ll see.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some people there I knew. I bumped into the fellas from and Delco Vapes (Philly peeps) checking things out and looking for new goodies for their shops. I also ran into the folks from Vape Dojo from MD, whoc I did a review for early on last year. There was a veritable riot at their booth the entire time I was there. It was great to see them doing such good business!
Again, a great time, and maybe next year I will be able to spend a little more time there than just a few hours, and I’ll get to see some of the talks too!

March 24th, 2014, posted by linc

E-Cig Review: V4L – Vapor4Life!



A couple weeks ago I received another care package for review from Vapor4Life. I just love these folks ;) It has been a while since I looked into their wears and they have some nifty new things going on there lately.

The first thing you see here is e-juice. They have been working hard over there to come up with some new cigar and tobacco flavors and here are the fruits of their labors. I used to be a cigar smoker – or maybe a better word is “taster”, before I officially turned to vaping instead, so I was excited to try the cigar juices. The first of the 3 I tried was LIGERO, which really is a type of leaf near the top of the plant which is supposed to give it a bit more flavor – a snappiness. That it does! The first thing you notice about this is it’s the lightest colored cigar liquid, and the smell. Ahhh, the smell is definitively a cigar. It doesn’t smell like a juice, you can actually smell a bit ‘o the ashtray in there :) In a good way, of course. The taste is surprisingly good. Snappy. I have found that it seems like a bold cigar flavor is actually pretty hard to come by on the vaping world, but this really is a good one. A little bite at the end of this and not too dirty. Next up was the CUBANA BLEND, which is a bit darker than the LIGERO and has a fruitier nose from the bottle. Nice and smooth tasting like maybe a really good Dominican blend. There is a lot of flavor in there, fuller, sweeter base than the LIGERO. I really wasn’t expecting it to be quite as cigar tasting as it is and it actually made me cough :) Again, this was a good thing, a really nice flavor here. Then there was the darkest of the 3. The MADURO. The MADURO in the cigar world, of course, is based mostly on having a very dark leaf wrapper. This sort of translated into a very deep flavor through the cigar, and, as it happens, into this juice as well. It’s a bit sweeter and darker smelling from the bottle and has just a bit more of that ashtray smell as well. The taste is pretty robust and deep as you would expect, all the way through both the inhale and exhale. There is none of that snappiness like in the LIGERO, just rich flavor and no surprises. Now I should mention here that all my samples were at 1.8% and considering I normally vape at .6% the fact that I coughed only briefly on the CUBANA BLEND should say something about how smooth and tasty these really are. In fact I have a buddy of mine who is still an avid cigar smoker and I cannot wait to get him to try these! The cool part about the cigar flavors is the announcement of the website that V4L will be launching to feature all these. Word has it that there may be a kit with a Zeus, these juices and accessories available for your favorite cigar lover. The pics of the kit on the site look fantastic! Stay tuned on this one!

Before I go further, I should explain my testing process again as well. As you can see from the picture, my preference is to use cartomizers to do juice tastings with as I believe they give the best initial results. They provide a smooth and consistent flavor and burn. Also you may notice a little paper tape on the bottles and cartomizers and this is because I often try multiple flavors at a time and I don’t look anything up before writing down my notes, other than possibly the name of the juice. Often I just refer to them in my notes as whatever number is taped to the sample. It’s almost like a double blind juice tasting :) For all these juices in this review I used 3 ohm boge cartomizers on a 5 volt V4L Vapor Zeus (with fantastic results btw).

The next 2 juices I believe are very significant because not only are they possibly the best cigarette flavors I have tasted from V4L, but these are (pretty sure) the flavors they are using in their new WOW line of electronic cigarette disposables. Now much like the cigar flavors I just talked about, these Smilin Tobacco and Smilin Tobacco Menthol juices also have that faint hint of ashtray going on in there (in a good way). This makes these the most realistic tobacco flavors I think I have come across, and something that I believe that will make new vapers most comfortable. These have a very believable tobacco base which kind of reminds me of some of those “roll your own” tins of tobacco. To me, this really tastes like the real deal. The menthol, I find to me tastes a little piney (if that is a word). Most menthols tend to be minty to me, but not this one. The taste is not bad at all though, and I commented to my wife that if I were to just be coming off analog cigs, this menthol would be the one I would go for.



Now this brings me to the new WOW Vapor King line of disposables. These things are pretty nifty! I mentioned the flavor above, but the mechanics here need a little time too. These are as I mentioned a disposable line. The come in 2.6 and 3.6 mg nic, which is not for the feint of heart but perfect for long time smokers looking to get off analogs. You certainly are not going to vape one of these and still be craving nicotine. The filter end on these is squishy, like a real cig, which I find to be a really cool feature that I wish existed when I first started vaping. They look very much like analog smokes albeit slightly larger in diameter and have a green LED on the end (let’s not confuse us with those fire breathers any longer). The only thing I had on hand to compare sizes to was my remaining Newport Red 100ds that I keep around for size comparisons. The ecig is 9mm X 90mm compared to the real deal which was 7mm X 98mm. Pretty darned close! Each WOW Vapor King Disposable comes in a nice little half pack sized box with your vape and a nice little user manual. Once again, it bears mentioning that they taste great, they seem to work really well, and they should last you about a couple of packs worth of equivalent cigarette smoking.



And now for the change that will become legendary! Vapor4Life is going to start releasing some product with a 510 connection instead of 808. The 2 they sent me for review were the 510 Vapor Zeus (Dual Mode) and the Dial A Volt (Auto XL). Of course they also sent me a couple Smileomizers for each to help in my assessment. That really is good thinking because NOTHING works as good on a Zeus or Dial A Volt better than a smileomizer.

The change between 808 and 510 on these devices amounts to the connector between the battery (device) and the atomizer (Smileomizer). On the 808 connection, the connector is male on the top of the battery and the reverse is true with 510 style. The connectors are different sizes as well and what’s most important is that right now, 510 connections are pretty much the industry standard. This means that if you went with the 510 version of these devices that you are able to use them with a wider range of atomizer heads from different vendors, AND you are also able to use 510 style Smilomizers on other vendors mods (batteries) without any fiddly adapters. As I mentioned, there is nothing that works better on these devices than a Smileomizer, however, for the adventurous, I have also enjoyed using an Aspire Et-s BDC on my 510 Dial A Volt and iClear 30s seems to work really well on the 510 Dual Mode Zeus, along with any 3 ohm cartomizer. Note here that you should be careful with the Zeus though because it puts out 5v, which is a bit high for some atomizer devices.

These two mods are FANTASTIC devices as I mentioned in previous reviews and that still holds true in the 510 versions. The knurling on the Dial A Volt’s knob makes for super control when selecting your voltage, which is still clearly marked as opposed to some other vendors versions of this device. The Vapor Zeus appears to have changed slightly from the 808 version I have. This one is about 3/4 inch longer than the 808 version (is it the new XL?) and has a slightly lighter colored wrapper, which still closely resembles a nice cigar :) Of course, if cigar colored is not your thing, there are different colors to choose from and I particularly like the green color of my new Dial A Volt!

SO, where do you get one of these beastise you ask? Well, in an effort NOT to confuse the populace and those of you already familiar with Vapor4Life, they are starting a NEW website called WOWVapor which will contain everything 510 connector compatible. Right now, it looks like they only have their new disposables available on there but I would expect to see the 510 products soon because, hey, everyone needs a Vapor Zeus! ;)



March 24th, 2014, posted by linc