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Knock Knock…

Is anyone in there?
Well, admittedly I thought it was time to get in here and blow the virtual dust off. It has been a while and once again, RL has gotten in the way of VL. I have been carrying a bit more burden at work with some issues and projects of late and I have been volunteering my digital skillz lately to help some friends out with their website in the miniscule amount of free time I do have. That left precious little time for anything else. Many of those projects have come to some sort of culmination or at least leveling off a bit, so here I am 🙂

I know a lot of you like my reviews and I do have some lined up with (I hope) more on the way:
On the Techie end of things I have several new books released by Pearson Ed that are currently staring me down. I am also planning on going to the Ohio Linux Fest for some much needed geeking out and R&R in a little over a week. That should provide some content here as well.
You E-Cig junkies won’t have to wait long either. There are a bunch of things I have purchased in the past couple months that I have some strong opinions on and I am happy to share. If I am lucky, I will also be able to do a nice review on a really high end mod shortly as well. Stay tuned for that stuff.

Wednesday, September 4th, 2013

The NEW Oldest Linux Show



  I don’t even remember where the idea came from, but it was decided that after 365 shows, that’s one for every day of the year, folks, that we would consider that “season 1” for the LinuxLink TechShow, and we would then, finally, start on “season 2”. Those 365 episodes comprise 7 years of weekly recordings and add up to roughly 30 days of continual audio, day and night. I guess you could say we have been doing this for a while….

  Since last year’s Ohio Linux Fest we have had a few TLLTS Elders meetings to decide upon what we saw as the problems of the first TLLTS season, what we could do to fix them and what kinds of things we wanted to pursue for season 2. We tried to take into consideration the things we had positive and negative comments on from our listener base and years of our beloved “hate mail” 🙂

  First and foremost we needed to address our constant audio issues. Long have we had complaints about our audio so we needed to make that a priority. We do have a very complicated setup in that area due to our arrangement of multiple hosts and guests in multiple locations, local and remote, not to mention the extra issues caused by being a live show, which causes us to add even more audio sources. You see, we don’t postprocess audio and dub things in later like promos and intro/outros. They happen as we roll along live, just like everything else. As it turns out though, a lot of our audio issues were actually caused by NOT using the Linux built in goodies. They were caused by our analog setup (mixer, compressor, cabling, etc..) Once we identified that we actually could remove that mess all together and just go digital, things got a lot better pretty fast.

  Other and maybe minor things we needed to address had to do with the loose format of the show, the show and guest planning and general preparedness, the timing of things during the show, regular guest hosts, the website and things of that sort. Boy, there sure were lots of things to work on!

  We decided that we needed to tighten things up a bit with the show format. We settled on trying hard to keep the show times from 8:30pm to 10pm (and no longer). We want to try and divide the show into sections, giving time to any interviews we may have while still sequestering some time for us for a little discussion as well. We decided on using some music as a separator, much like we did early on in the show – an intermission. An exciting addition here would be the possibility of also adding in some “shorts” or short topical audio segments dealing with our hosts specialty subjects. These would be not only a way for us to facilitate an important break in the show, but a way to generate some interest in a recurring topic and also provide a possible stepping stone into the hosts discussion on the second half of the show.

  We decided we would like to get not only some more good new guests, but also to revisit some of our wildly interesting past guests to see what they have been up to. Luckily, the ones I have contacted thus far have not only remembered us, but have also agreed to stop by again to say hello 🙂 Make sure to check the calendar for who’s coming up and send along your suggestions of people you would like to hear from!

  One of the major things I was tasked with working on and updating was the website. I thought the old one was fantastic, mostly because I designed and coded it, but the other hosts assured me it was time for something new 🙂 I pursued the great and famous Richard Querin who graciously came up with a great looking front page and theme and sent it to me. A little php work and content by Dann and I and you have the masterpiece you see now.

  I have to say that I really enjoyed doing the show for the last seven years. I get to talk shop with my buddies every week. I get to talk to really cool linux/open source celebrities. I get to meet and make a lot of geeky friends from all over the world, people who I have come to consider as almost family ove the last 7 years. It has been a helluva fun ride and I am eager to put a good start to the next 7, so make sure and head on over to and join in the fun. The prelude to season 2 was recorded and put up for distribution right at the end of OLF 2010 and the official start happens 9/15/2010 @8:30pm EDT. See ya there!

Monday, September 13th, 2010

OLF 2009

Wow! What a weekend!

We had a great time again this year, no surprise. It’s always great to be able to hang out with all your friends and all you linux folk and TechShow listeners are my friends!

My thoughts are still a bit disjointed from the weekend so here are some random notes about OLF this year:

Special thanks to Richard Querin and Mordancy for the new logo and t-shirts. They were fan-freaking-tastic! We took small donations in exchange for a TLLTS t-shirt this year and that provided us with enough money to pay some of the booth and bandwidth fees and get a good head start on getting some more shirts for next year’s festivities.

Prentice Hall, Neuros Tech, Oreilly and APress deserve BIG thank you’s for once again sponsoring us with some excellent giveaways for our free raffle this year.

This weekend was the start if our 7th broadcast year on the TechShow and I am still consistently amazed when someone walks up to me, recognizes me and tells me they listen to the show!

I saw Ubuntu’s netbook remix v 9.10 boot from bios to full desktop in 4 seconds while I was there. Astounding!

Oracle has this python sql interface that they are working on that is probably one of the coolest things, as a developer, that I have seen in a long time. It’s like stuffing bash into the sql command line. Nifty things like colored columned table listings, easy piping from sql command line to bash commands and files. This was some seriously cool stuff. I can’t wait for them to get it working with not only orcacle but mysql and postgres too!

This year was definitely the year of the netbook. It seems like everyone had one, they were all constantly using them, they all loved their netbook and anyone who didn’t yet have one was dying to get one. I must have seen hundreds of them this weekend and they were all running Linux except one.

The one netbook that wasn’t running Linux was at the booth right next to ours. They were the guys from Haiku, the new BeOS implementation. This is some seriously neat stuff and these guys are to be commended. While not ready for primetime just yet, they are going that direction full force and have some really slick stuff going in their favor. This OS is FAST man. I saw an average netbook doing some AMAZING video rendering feats like playing high def movies while running 3D video demos at 700fps and the thing wasn’t even breaking a sweat. There was another old thinkpad laptop playing 5 different videos at the same time with no lag whatsoever. I Bet it won’t Be long Before this OS has the full attention of, at least, some video processing nuts! You can bet I’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

There are a few things I will do differently next year, mostly with my time management, like getting there a day earlier, but I had a great time. If you haven’t been to one yet, make sure you go because you are missing out. Put it on your calendar for next year. I’ll see ya there!

Sunday, September 27th, 2009

Coding FLB style.

In between bouts of making Linc’s World Famous Potato Soup, I had a few minutes to do some catch-up coding today on FreeLinuxBox. It desperately needed an rss feed, so that is what I coded up. How else are you supposed to know there is new stuff there right? Well, all finished and added the feed to, which you should be subscribing to if you aren’t already 🙂 If you are just looking for the FLB feed, you can find it at

Speaking of Free Linux Boxes, Russ, The Techie Geek, was the latest person to put a box up on FLB and he has a GREAT idea. He wants local pickup (because of weight no doubt), but he said he’d be wiling of delivering to the Ohio Linux Fest. Outstanding idea. If you, like me, have some boxes you are putting off giving out because of the hassle in shipping, perhaps following Russ’ example could be the answer!

Saturday, August 15th, 2009

Better than the other guys

I just wanted to tell you all a story about a fantastic company. That company is Neuros Technology.

Long long ago, when Neuros first released the OSD, Joe Born, the man behind Neuros, arranged to get me a review unit. I received the unit, reviewed it and “saw that it was good”. Things were a bit premature in those days, but there was some real promise there. Most importantly, the networking bits were still not working just right, but were in the works. Knowing this, I shelved the unit thinking I would re-review this as soon as the next major firmware revision came out for it. As things happen, it sat on the shelf for over a year 🙂

Fast forward to a few weeks ago when I contacted Joe again to see if we might be able to get a unit and some literature from him for a giveaway at the OLF 2008. Joe agreed and sent one right out (told ya these guys are great). A couple days before the fest, I finally had a spare minute and figured that I ought to dig mine out and play with it a little so I could accurately field questions, etc. I dug it out and followed the very nicely layed out directions on the Neuros website for doing the 6 firmware revisions I had to do (told you I had it shelved for a while) and I started to play with it. Doing the upgrades was actually pretty neat because I got a 40 minute demo of how much the UI and utilities had changed since I first looked at it.

Once the upgrades were done I set out to give it the run through. I am amazed with the changes that have been done. The menu system is good looking and easy to navigate, there are lots of interesting features that have been added, and every video format I had available digitally to try, worked without a problem and looked good on my tv too. I was absolutely ecstatic. This thing is brilliant… That is until I tried the networking.
After digging for some appropriate length cables, I decided to plug in the network and see what was what. To my surprise, each time I did so, within a few seconds, the OSD would reset itself. If I left the network cable plugged in for the reboot, it would continuously power cycle itself. If I unplugged the network cable from the OSD, all was fine again. I tried new cables and different hubs and switches all with the same result. I was stymied and decided to send out an email.

I sent an email to Joe, telling him I knew I should speak to someone in support, but I wondered if I could sneak a quick question by him. I told him of my troubles and awaited a response, thinking I would get one sometime while I was at OLF. To my surprise, I got a response back within a few minutes. Joe had also piggybacked the question to his technical staff, who responded that that sounds like a problem they had early on with the units and they had to be retooled at the factory. When I responded asking if there was a trace or bad component I could replace here (my soldering skills may be rusty but they are still there), or if I was just out of luck, Joe said not to worry, they would just send me another one. Hot Diggety! I figured that even if I had to live with no network connection, the unit was still pretty cool, but they were going to send me a replacement! Within 1 day, I even had a UPS tracking number. How’s that for service!

Well, today the new OSD came via UPS. it is every bit as fun as the old one to use, even more because this one connects to my network and lets me watch all my videos without hesitation or problem. Apple TV, eat your heart out.

As for Joe Born and Neuros, I have NEVER had customer service like that in my life. There isn’t even a point of reference to compare them to. Obviously you just can’t go wrong dealing with Neuros and their products. Buy them, you’ll like them. And tell them Linc from TLLTS sent ya.

Tuesday, October 14th, 2008

OLF 2008

* Up at 2am to do the 3 S’s and drive to meet up with Allan and Pat in Easton, so we can all drive to Columbus together. We rented a Kia minivan, which drove really nice and was much more comfortable than a plane trip would have been. We left around 4am-ish and arrive in Columbus around noon. First people we run into are Russ Wenner and his dad. We say a quick hello and head over across the street to Max and Ermas restaurant to grab some lunch. We marvel at the testosterone challenged ineptitude of the wait staff there. After lunch we relax for a few until everyone else starts to show up, then we start congregating and checking out each others geek gear. The Acer Aspire One’s boot the fastest by the way 🙂 Around 6pm we all head over to BD’s Mongolian Barbeque. I love that place – the food is sooooooo good!. This was followed by the OLF pre-show party, held at Barley’s across from the convention center. This is where the real meet-n-greet starts and the drunken debauchery begins. Dann had a really, really good time. 🙂
* The convention begins at 8am and we have to unpack. Boy oh boy did we have a lot of Swag to give out this year. Special thanks go out to our fantastic sponsors Pearson Education, APress and O’Reilly for sending us some fantastic books to give away and also to Neuros for providing us the grand prize giveaway, a Neuros OSD (v1)! There were easily 500+ people at our booth for the giveaways and I have seen estimates on another blog of 1000. It’s hard to tell from my perspective each year because the audience always seems to wrap around the corner where I cannot see them 🙂 Either way, there were a lot of people and it was great to meet not only our long time friends there, but make new ones as well. The conference was ended by Jono Bacon‘s keynote, which I really enjoyed. Dann was even called forward during the keynote by Jono to be part of the “demonstration”. All I have to say about that at this time is Dann has got to have balls of steel the size of boulders, and if he had turned around, I bet someone would have a picture for proof 🙂 After the show was over, we went to The Happy Greek, which is another restaurant we cannot miss each year, where I really enjoyed the Chicken Shawarma over Hummus. This was followed by the post-show party, where many of us gathered to enjoy a little geek socialization and swap stories about Dann.
* Not much to say about Sunday other than I was sad that the fun was over. Allan, Pat and I packed ourselves into our Kia rental and high-tailed it out of Columbus. During the trip we called into Dave Yates’ first Lotta Linux Links Dot Com Linux Users Podcast call-in episode that he was recording on his drive home. We all swapped some stories and our impressions of the show. Once I finally arrived home, I dragged my poor sorry behind into bed to relax and watch tv for just a few minutes around 6pm, and promptly found myself waking back up at 2am this morning 🙂

All in all, I really enjoyed the trip, just as I do each year. I love to meet all the show listeners and really love to have the opportunity to hang out with our peers as well. I can’t wait to get to the next con and do it all over again.

Monday, October 13th, 2008

OLF Itinerary Fri Oct 10

For those of you who want to find the gang tonight:
6:00 pm BD’s Mongolian BBQ
7:30 pm Barleys

Friday, October 10th, 2008