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A few people have asked about a way to make a donation to help with the costs here on any of the sites (,,,, etc). Since it’s time to re-up for another years worth of bandwidth and *I’m broke* I figured it’d be as good a time as any to put up a paypal donation button. You can find it at If you can see fit to help out at all, you get my eternal thanks and a promise for me to keep things going on my end 🙂

Thursday, July 16th, 2009

Richard Rocks!



Just wanted to give a public thanks to Richard Querin who once again rescued one of my graphic and logo impaired websites. This time it was FreeLinuxBox.Org. Please take time to follow the links, check out the fancy new digs and, by all means, help out the budding new Linux community by posting one of your old computers. It’s the Ultimate Linux Resource for Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

FreeLinuxBox.Org Launches!



Free Linux Box is a website that tries to connect individuals who want to give away fully functional computers running open source software to individuals who need a computer, free of cost.

The website showcases computers that are in need of homes. In order to qualify for listing the computer must fit the following qualifications:

1. An open source operating system must be installed such as Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, or FreeDOS.
2. No funds other than reasonable shipping costs may be paid by either the donor or the recipient. Free Linux Box does not fund the shipping. This detail will be worked out directly between the donor and the recipient. If the donor does not want to ship, the donor should state in the post that the computer is for pickup only.
3. The computer must be functional and complete. Computers without monitors, keyboards, mice, or power cables are acceptable if, and only if, they take standard monitors, keyboards, mice and power cables.
4. It is up to the donor as to who is the lucky recipient. Free Linux Box is not part of this decision.
5. The root password will be given to the recipient when the computer is received. It is up to the donor to make sure there is no personal data left on the system.
6. When the computer is no longer available, it is the donors responsibility to remove the listing.
7. If the computer is still homeless after 90 days the listing will be removed.

Go to FreeLinuxBox.Org today to register and list YOUR free Linux box and help others that are less fortunate than yourself.

Tuesday, March 31st, 2009

Free Linux Boxes? Where?

There was some discussion about this a couple weeks ago with Beth Lynn Eicher in a TLLTS episode. That discussion was maybe the 4th or 5th time I heard the idea. After sitting on it a while I decided to register the domain and I am hoping that some of you fine folks will contact me and offer your support. I still haven’t heard back from Beth Lynn either (although I only emailed her about it this morning), so if you’re reading Beth Lynn, give me a yell.

Tuesday, March 17th, 2009