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Movin’ Right Along

It has been a whirlwind of activity since the last time I have had the time to write anything. As I mentioned previously, I have moved to Downingtown, PA. Or, should I say, I am moving there.

Sice I had to start work last monday, I moved down that weekend with just a carload of things to gt me going. More like camping on carpet, really, than actually *living* there. I muddled my way through my first week while getting accustomed to things like riding the regional rail system in Philly, and, of course, getting completely turned around and lost on several occasions.

I had a rude awakening the first night here as the blowup bed I had brought to get me through the move turned into a puddle around 4am. The worst part is I was so busy, it took me two days to find a replacement. I bought a cot, figuring that it would not deflate, and it was up off the floor a little since after moving boxes around it’s dificult to get off the floor the next AM. Well, it turns out that I was wrong about the deflating part. The cot I bought had a weight limit of 325lbs and the very first time I sat on it the middle leg bent upwards to greet me – and no, I am not anywhere near 325 😉 So, I ran that back to the store and ran to Walmart where I found a normal cot which has been working perfectly fine.

The next series of problems was getting internet access. I decided on Comcast, simply because that meant on e bill for th time being instead of two. In order to get it, though, my wife had to drive down here from Easton because the installer would come if someone over 18 was not here, and there were no installation timeslots after I was out of work for the day. The install was scheduled for thursday morning and my wife came out and let the installer in, who promptly informed her that the modem he brought was bad. He took off and brought back two more, one of which he hooked only to the cable and then called the install good, and left. By the time I got home and hooked my computer to the modem to test it, it was almost 9pm and, you guessed it, it didn’t work. I called tech support and told them the modem was broken. It had no activity lights and refused to hand out any dhcp leases. The tech woman I was talking to on the phone, of course, disagreed. After a heated 40 minute arguement, she told me she couldn’t help me anymore and I needed to call Apple tech support to get my problem resolved (yes, really). I jumped into the car and ran to Walmart and picked up a cable modem, brought it back, plugged it in and got my dhcp lease. I then called Comcast back to just get the mac address added into my account so I couldd get my mail. I spoke with a different woman this time who promptly told me that the modem I just bought was already attached to someone elses account and she could not proceed further until resolving that issue. Of course they would not call the other person up at after 10pm, so I would have to wait until the next day. I was slightly irritated and demanded the supervisor, who assured me that he would take care of the problem and call me back the next day. Well, the next day came and went at work with no call, so I called Comcast back while I was on the train ride home. Speaking to a new person I explained the situation and the new guy said he’d look into the prob and call me back within a half hour. An hour later when I was home I called and spoke to another new person and explained the situation again. She said she didn’t think she could help because the mac address was still on the other account. I told her I really needed this fixed and I thought that Comcast had horrible customer service and, for some reason, she took pitty upon me and asked me to hold while she walked to another department. So, I listened to some elevator music for about 15 minutes and then she came back on and said I was all fixed. Sure enough, I was. I have no idea why any of the other boobs couldn’t get their act straight, but this lady hooked me right up! I didn’t even have time to use my newfound connectivity because I was right out of the new place back to Easton to move more stuff.

Now Comcast will not let me host my own servers (for public consumption), so I am going to have to move things around a little bit (hence the new blog and location). This also means moving things like BashPodder around too. After many years of faithful service I want to say a public goodbye to’s web content. But most of it will end up here. Just keep checking back.

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Tuesday, May 15th, 2007