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An open letter to NY state police.

This week I am in NY visiting helping out my mother after her knee surgery. This morning around 7am I ran to the post office for her and stopped at the gas station to pick up a pack of smokes. On the way home, about 2 houses down from my parents place I see this guy aggressively yanking on the leash of his dog he’s walking down the sidewalk. I keep an eye on him as I drive past and then I see him throw his dog down to the ground and start kicking it (think superbowl field goals here) and then he doubles up his fist and just starts pummeling the dog. I slam my breaks on and jump out of the car and yell at the guy to stop and he tells me to mind my own “effing” business. I tell him he needs to simmer down and he says he can’t get the dog to walk (no kidding, if he beats the thing like that). I tell him he needs to understand that dogs have the mentality of small children and ask him if he would beat a child like that. Again, I get the mind my own business stuff. I tell him I will call the cops and he says “do what you want”. So, I pull up 2 houses and park in my parents driveway and watch this guy go to his house. Turns out he’s my parents’ new neighbor on the street, almost directly across from them.

So, I call the cops. They have me call the dog warden. I call the dog warden. She has me call the State Police. They said they would send someone by but “couldn’t really do anything about it.” I asked them if this guy has this much of an anger issue, what happens when he gets mad at his wife/girlfriend/kids/etc.? They said they could send someone out to talk to him. That was over 4 hours ago now. Sheesh!

I am certain if this had happened outside Philly, where I live now, there would have been some kind of reaction from the authorities. Here in nowhere NY I guess it is completely legal and acceptable to be cruel to animals. It really makes me sick. Honestly, in hind sight, I should have just run the prick over and taken the dog.

Wednesday, May 23rd, 2012