I finally got the chance the other day to upgrade my Nokia N800 to the newest version of the operating system (yes, and only 6 months late right?). I have to say that this makes the N800 even more wonderful than it already was. While the N800 was a really great and sometimes practical toy before my move, since then, I use it every day. My N800 has become my portable notebook, to do list, and entertainment center, all in one compact device. I absolutely love the quality of the video it has and since I don’t seem to have much time at night anymore, I have taken lately to watching my favorite tv shows on my Nokia on the way to and from work. I mean, really, who needs the hassle of turning newspaper pages in your seatmates lap when you can just sit there and enjoy your favorite shows like Stargate and Ghost Hunters? The new OS makes things like this even better because it’s *FAST*. In fact, it’s quite markedly faster on not only bootup, but flipping through the menus and playing video as well. I really think Nokia has a winner here folks – in fact, if I didn’t already have one, I’d get one 😉 The good part for you guys that don’t have one yet is that I just looked and the price has gone down $200 from when I first bought mine. So whatcha waiting for??

And best of all, it still runs Linux 😉 There sure is nothing like having a portable ssh terminal in your pocket 🙂

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