Hell month

sad face

sad face

For those of you who were wondering why you haven’t heard a lot from me in August….

I had just gotten a promotion, which, on the outset sounds good, except it comes with four times the work and responsibilities (maybe 5 times, I haven’t decided yet). The month started out with my 2 cats being sick and everyone trying to get my daughter ready to start college. Shortly thereafter my daughter had a car accident where she was injured and her car was totaled. In amongst going to various doctors and dealing with insurance people, both my wife’s and daughter’s birthdays occurred. Then, while taking my daughter to a doctors appointment I decided that I should finally get off my butt and do my blood work that my doctor has been bugging me for for months/years. The next afternoon I got a call saying I had diabetes. As soon as I settled into the idea of jabbing my fingers several times a day, hurricane Irene slammed into the east coast of the USA, causing torrential rain, wind, tornadoes, power loss and flooding out the area around my apartment complex yet again. Yes, you guessed it, I am ready for September to be a much better month 🙂

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