New Voip Provider? HELP!

I have to admit that I have been using Broadvoice for quite a while now. We even use it for the TechShow as well. They have served pretty well with only a few growing pains and problems early on. All would have been happy ever after if I hadn’t read a horrible Broadvoice review on the web recently. It prompted me to go back and read the Broadvoice Terms of Service (TOS).

That particular TOS is probably one of the worst I have ever read, doing such things as giving them permission to back bill your credit card thousands of dollars for anything they perceive may be a violation of their TOS, without notice, without arbitration, etc. Now I haven’t had any problems with them, but I was horrified at what I read (and I do not remember any of this stuff when I signed up – go figure). I followed their cancellation procedure and will be rid of such nonsense at the end of the month.

This leaves me in a bit of a pickle. I do need home phone service. It seems logical that I should continue down the road with my technological affinity and stay with VOIP, but with whom? That is where you all come in. I am looking for a good quality provider, with a relatively (<$25) inexpensive monthly plan for unlimited US calling (or maybe an obscene number of minutes). Please let me know if you have any recommendations. Currently the ones I am looking at are Axvoice and PhonePower, however, I am sure there are a ton that I am missing. In fact, I may even consider Vonage, simply because the hardware is readily available and the price point meets. Any horror stories? Recommendations? Send ’em along!

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  1. andyb0y Says:

    When I use to run a conference room for using Asterisk, I used Their plan for residential is 24.99 a month for 1500 minutes. Not too shabby but i dont talk on the phone that much so i would never go over the minutes. not sure if incoming calls are unlimited though. They are an IAX provider instead of SIP like Broadvoice is.

  2. andyb0y Says:

    Also I forgot that there is They have some decent plans as well.

  3. gsavage Says:

    Before we came to Ohio we used Lingo for about 3 years and never ever had a problem. They were cheaper than Vonage and the service was good. The number is portable and you can transfer an existing number is you wanted. Unlimited calling plan with all the bells and whistles. Such as caller id, call waiting, call forwarding, three way calling etc. etc. etc. Just plug the router into your cable modem, and plug that into any phone jack in your house and your wired for sound. Good luck.

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