Linux PPC and WPA

Crap. That’s my final thought on the subject.

Last night I decided to finally update my wireless infrastructure and start using WPA instead of just using mac filtering. It’s not that I am uber concerned about the security aspect of it because, let’s face it, the only way to really have a secure box and network it to shut it off. What drove me to this is my cheap router only has 25 slots for mac addresses to filter and I had them filled up. I decided if I couldn’t do that then I ought to bring things up to speed with the WPA instead (plus it’s much easier to remember a passphrase than bunches of hexidecimal octets.

I had no problem with my Mac Mini, my Ubuntu 8.04 laptop, my wife’s Ubuntu laptop, my kid’s eMac, or my new Linpus laptop. I ran into serious issues with LinuxPPC though. I was running Slackintosh on my iBook but after researching the net a bit I was disappointed to find that WPA has been an issue for a long time on the airport card. I thought, well maybe Ubuntu has it better, so I installed Ubuntu 8.04 for PPC and, although the desktop was quite nice, there was no support for WPA there either. My only option at that point was to put OS X back on the iBook. What a bummer.

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