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I noticed today that my laptop was building a little dust/crud on it today so I set out to clean it up. Nothing annoys me more than to have to use a dirty laptop/keyboard. It sort of gnaws on me until I fix it. Anyway, I was cleaning my laptops and keyboards, mice and monitors (well, lcd’s really), and it occurred to me that perhaps you all were looking for some good information on how to do the same and I should probably share.

I use basically 2 products to help keep these things working, shiny and clean, Swiffer dusters (generic work fine) and Windex multi surface wipes (again, generic is fine). The wipes are for getting real dirt and gunky spots clean and they work well for a general surface cleaner. Do note, however, that you should NOT use this stuff on your lcd or crt screens. I have never had a problem with this stuff eating plastic, but it will leave a little residue on your lcd/crt screen that you may notice (I do).

For just a quick dusting, and for the most part, this is all you will probably need most of the time, just use a Swiffer duster. These things are the bomb. Use them on any/every surface and they will pull off all the dust that electronic equipment tends to accumulate with an alarming frequency. The best part is cleaning up with one of these is uber fast too.

Lastly, if your lcd/crt screen really is dirty and you need to clean it, nothing works better than using a clean soft washcloth with warm water. Wipe your screen clean with that and then immediately dry it with a soft towel. Windex and other cleaners will leave a residue that you may not notice, but after time it will build up and you’ll notice your screen looks faded or washed out. Try the washcloth and warm water and it’ll bring it right back to new in many cases. Also, don’t use paper towels because they not only leave lint, which is annoying enough, they can have paper dust which can be abrasive on your screen.

Just use these few cleaning tips and you too can keep your goodies clean and new looking, and if you have a cleaning tip, to share too, just let me know!

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