E-Cig Review: VapingXtreme Juices

Xtreme Juice

Xtreme Juice

So the other day I ordered a second Bolt from VapingXtreme ($20 WOW!) to replace my eGo v6 that died. The order before this I got a sample of e-juice from them called NicVape Chocolate Covered Cherries. Although I don’t really taste the chocolate, the juice tastes to me like Maraschino Cherries, which could be one of my most favorite flavors. So I ordered some of this with my new Bolt.

I received my new Bolt in the mail on Friday and with it came yet another juice sample. I really think this is how companies suck you in. They send you teasers, which, in turn, make you go back. The sample I got this time was their Xtreme Juice Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road.

Now I really should preface this by saying that I recently came to the realization that I am a big RY4 fan. RY4 is a mild tobacco flavor with sweet tones of vanilla and caramel. I don’t know if VapingXtreme has been paying attention to my posts or they just have the best luck in the world, but that Vanilla Sky sample was FRIGGIN AWESOME! It is, essentially, a RY4 without the caramel. It has this mild tobacco base with a heavy and delicious vanilla taste on top. It’s almost a marshmallo(y) vanilla taste and, to be honest, I haven’t been able to put it down and my 5 mil sample is spent. I was thinking hard about putting in an order for more this morning when I got an email from them about a promotion they are running until February 8th. If you buy $20 of merch from them, you get a free sample of Xtreme Juice. Just put the flavor and strength in the comments of the order. Well, that pretty much seals the deal.

Well played, VapingXtreme, well played…

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  1. Xtreme Says:

    Thanks Linc,

    I also love the Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road.
    Vaping it as I type this

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