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I don’t oftenshare my political or religious views here. I save those for other sites, but this is of particular importance to me as a Christian and a parent. I would like those of you considering voting for Obama this election to hear this one fact and plea.

As a Christian and a parent I value human life greatly. I believe that a human is a human from the moment of conception on and therefor, aborting that life, unless there is a severe medical reason, is murder. Plain and simple. Now many of you reading this may disagree, and that *IS* your prerogative and right to do so. What you *SHOULD* agree with me on is MY right not to have to pay for something I believe is federally sanctioned murder. You see, my vote in this election hinges on the fact that Obama and his crew want to push into legislation that every female person should be able to get the abortion they want, regardless of the conditions, including their ability to pay for it. That puts ME in the position of paying for what I believe in most cases is infanticide. Now surely there are other reasons too for my choices, but that’s the first sticking point.

Now I am sure that you all have your opinions and stories about the “Chistian Right” and all that. I have heard people poking fun at the GOP for being so old-minded about such things too. I have even endured all the hillbilly jabs. But in all honesty, it’s issues like these, the big issues, that those Christian Right Wingers are concerned about and maybe everyone else should give a brief thought to as well.

Just my $.02.

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  1. Here’s what I think… at Linux for Christians Says:

    […] My name is Lincoln and I approve of this message… http://lincgeek.org/blog/?p=220 […]

  2. BruceLerner Says:

    So does that make you pro-life AND pro-rape since it leaves women the opportunity to be fckd twice. Once by the rapist and once by the rules. Or maybe you’re offering to adopt all children of rape victims while finding a way to return the victim’s lost time and personal resources both physical and financial. Oh wait a minute, its her fault, she was asking for it by having breasts and ovaries. Puberty is consent – that’s the ticket.
    Sure is an easy position for a male to take – no commitment, no responsibility.

  3. godfirnon Says:

    Hi Linc,

    I’m a big fan of the tech show, and I respect your choice to use your blog in any way you see fit, and I respect that you know your values and that you stand up for them. I also appreciate the your opposition to FUD, therefore, I was hoping that you could point to the specific platform plank, or other documentation that supports your assertion: “that Obama and his crew want to push into legislation that every female person should be able to get the abortion they want, regardless of the conditions, including their ability to pay for it.”
    -Chad, a tllts fan from Fresno, CA

  4. Bugz Says:

    Amen brother. From the last stats more than 4,300 babies are killed in the womb everyday. That’s more than we’ve lost in the entire Iraq war so far, but you don’t see much said in the news about it. It’s amazing how liberals are so anti-war but totally at ease with such widespread murder in our own country. And so called Christian Barack Obama should be even more vocal as 1,500 of those babies killed each day are black, when blacks make up only 13% of our country.

    I admire you speaking out. Too many Christians these days are weak and don’t stand for what is right. Here in California we’re voting on a constitutional amendment to keep marriage as one man and one woman as given by God, yet we’ve had churches come out in opposition. That’s why our nation is currently in decline.

    God Bless!

  5. linc Says:

    Hey Godfirnon, I’d be happy to.. Although this stuff has been suppressed a lot by the press, what I am referring to is Obama’s opposition to the Hyde Ammendment. You can of course google up for it, but I found a quick starter page here. Granted it doesn’t look very unbiased, but it’s a quick start 😉

  6. spotslayer Says:

    Well said Linc. I believe in God and read the bible. That is the core of my belief too.


  7. linc Says:

    Hi Bruce.
    Normally I would just delete comments like yours, but you put up some valid points that should be addressed. No, I am not pro-rape, I am pro-Life! I do not believe that *EVEN IN A RAPE CIRCUMSTANCE* that the BABY IS AT FAULT. You must remember that the child shares it’s biology with the mother as well. Now I also understand that rape is a difficult experience and people use the argument that aborting the baby helps the victim past the experience, however, if you have ever spoken to a rape victim, they will tell you they NEVER get over it. Lastly you mention the physical and financial resources involved in carrying the child and giving birth to it. There are many thousands of childless couples in just the United States alone who are more than willing and happy to assist in the relief of those burdens. They are happy to pay for everything and do whatever is necessary to keep the mother happy and healthy, simply for the chance to adopt the baby and provide a loving home.

    And by all means, leave your hostility at home. It doesn’t belong here in an intelligent discussion.

  8. davidmango Says:

    Linc glad to so you sticking up for Bruce freedom of speech and for a babies right to live.

    Bruce one thought have you heard of James Robison he does a lot of work in Africa and other places digging wells and delivering food to the hungry and is as he puts it “…the result of a forced sexual experience.”. We never know who or what those babies will become.

    Just a couple of links pointing to those facts.

  9. mangomom Says:

    To look at a newborn baby is to see a miracle. Life is very precious and very special. I saw my granddaughter born — there were no words, just awe at what God does. We need to get beyond all the words and difficult situations the Mom (and Dad) may find themselves in and realize that this is a baby, a new life, created by God, just as special as any other child that was born before.

    So Linc, I have a verse for you because you need to know that the glory of God rests on you because of standing up for babies and life. 1 Peter 4:14 (New International Version) “If you are insulted because of the name of Christ, you are blessed, for the Spirit of glory and of God rests on you.”

  10. BruceLerner Says:


    Thank you for providing the opportunity for additional discussion. I listen to you regularly and know that you have a rational, critical thought process. You therefore know that the pro-life statement is inflammatory based on its inverse being pro-murdering embryos/fetuses (as you also know, embryos/fetuses have to be born to actually be babies). I accept and respect your belief in the importance of life although not the sanctimonious case for imposing one’s will on others.

    I apologize for any ‘hostility’ in your webspace. Since this is an atypical discussion for this site and one that will have the potential to ramp in and out of control, I offer to move any additional discussion elsewhere at your suggestion (or continue here if you and the other commentors desire).


  11. Bugz Says:

    This shows what kind of man Barack Obama is: Why Jesus would not vote for Barack Obama

  12. byrd Says:

    I want to first tell you that I do not really post anything on any website. If it was not for my brother sending me and email about your blog I would have never even know that you existed let alone that you are an amazing stand up guy!

    I know that seeing as it is election day at 11:54pm we all know that Obama will be the next president. I want to thank you for speaking up for us all. I agree with you completely and appreciate the fact that you are willing to put yourself out there like that.

    I will never understand how anyone can get an abortion. I will never understand why someone would even be able to reason that it was the right thing to do. It makes me sick to think that the new president will be in support of this horrifying crime. But what makes me sicker is that as a US the majority obviously agree with him.

    God will make things right in the end. But thank you for being a warrior in his army of truth.


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