E-Cig Review: J-Wraps!

When most people think about customizing their e-cig / mod, most people think of J-Wraps, and for good reason!

J-Wraps was nice enough to send me some of their product to review, and I, and my wife had a lot of fun with it! J-Wraps is a company that makes adhesive backed covers for most popular e-cigs / mods. Most e-cig users get really attached to their e-cigs. Not only are many of them quite expensive, but they are also not quickly replaced. If you have a new mod, cover it up and protect it. If you have an old battle worn one, cover it up and make it like new again! Basically, think of these as something like a vinyl sticker in a large variety of designs and styles that you can use to personalize, customize and protect your e-cig.

The wraps are actually fairly easy to apply because they aren’t permanent, so you can pull and re-stick them to get them placed just right. It’s also possible to save and reuse them if you are really careful. If you pull too hard you may stretch them a bit, which makes them a little rumply 🙂 You can also clean these – BOTH sides! One of the first wraps I tried to apply, I peeled off the backing board and then promptly dropped the wrap onto my carpet, sticky side down. It was absolutely covered with cat hair and fuzz. It turns out that you can clean gunk even off the sticky side with a little mild soap and warm water. I washed mine off and stuck it on my vanity mirror so it could dry, and once it was, I peeled it off and stuck it on my e-cig. No problems whatsoever!

Below you’ll see pics of those J-Wraps on a variety of mods. Some I received free from J-Wraps for review purposes and some I actually won at a local vape meetup. My favorites were the textured ones like the Carbon Fiber and the Ostrich. My wife really liked the Blue Hologram. J-Wraps has got something there for everyone and will even do custom jobs as well. Any non-custom wrap is available for less than $20 That’s a deal that is hard to beat on a great product! See for yourself!

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