An interesting project perhaps?

The posts today are flying from my fingers! I guess watching Kitchen Nightmares has somehow gotten my brain and fingers working in conjunction with one another…

I mentioned that with my router troubles I had taken some pleasure in watching the people in my neighborhood connect to my unconnected router because it was unprotected and try to surf through it. It would sit there and blink like a dozen crazed fireflies half the night long.

Well, that got me thinking. If (and I do mean *if*) I can do some sort of reset magic and get my old router to function a little again, what about setting up a sort of science experiment? I am thinking of setting up a lone linux box, connected only to that default and unprotected router (except maybe a real admin password) and have that doll out connections to these people and have all web traffic redirected to a local page. The thought had crossed my mind to have all the web traffic redirected to a local goatse page, but perhaps that is too nasty. Maybe just collect all the statistical info I can get from their machines and redirect them to a page notifying them that I did just that and that and this connection wasn’t going to get them anywhere.

So, to that end, I am looking for ideas and suggestions on how to accomplish that feat. Perhaps squid? That might be a little heavy though, and I am under the impression that somehow we can do this with just iptables? There has to be an easy way. So, again, please let me know if you have hints, tips, or suggestions. This just might turn out to be some real fun!

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  1. davidmango Says:

    Couldn’t you use iptables to redirect all incoming traffic to the web server. maybe a modification of tis

    how about p0f for statistics gathering

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