E-Cig Review: Provari Tatroe Ring

Provari Tatroe Ring

Provari Tatroe Ring

One of the things that really bothers me about my Provari is I am constantly changing batteries in it. Granted, I got a Provari Mini, which only takes button top 18350s (or 16350s) but I can go through 3 in a day pretty easy. For you full size Provari owners, you get to use an 18500, so it’s not quite as bad – maybe one battery change. Well, I started hunting around for a way to use a bigger battery in my Provari and came upon a couple solutions. The first is to buy the extended battery cap. This lets a Mini user like me use an 18500 and a full size user use an 18650. The problem with that is I just don’t like the look of it, and I still want more battery. More digging revealed that someone else thought of this and made a nifty little device called a Twins telescopic extension. Now THAT is a nifty idea! It’s a telescoping bottom for the Provari and Provari Mini to extend either device for 18650 use (and anything in between). This also has its issues though. It is *very* difficult to find them in stock anywhere except Europe and they are on the expensive end +-$40 here in the states +shipping.

Well, Just the other day I was following an ad for something and landed upon CigTechs website and beheld a wonderful thing! The have a extension ring for the Provari called the Tatroe Ring Provari, which not only will let a Mini user use an 18500 **and** their own bottom cap for a more (IMHO) finished Provari look, but it will bump a full sized Provari up to 18650. By that reasoning I figured I might just be able to use 2 of them in conjunction to be able to get an 18650 running in my Provari Mini! The killer part of this entire thing is these are extremely reasonably priced at only $15. That is not only 2.5 times less expensive than the Twins, but even less expensive than the Provari extended bottom cap.

Queue here to a couple days later and I am thrilled to let you know that you can, indeed, use 2 of them together to run an 18650 in your Provari Mini, and I think it looks darn nice to boot! The diameter of the rings are the same as the Provari body, so it feels right and solid. Beautiful threading. You keep your own bottom cap, and, like I said, they are inexpensive and IN STOCK! Fast shipping and good customer service from the CigTech folks as well, Just can’t beat this if you are a Provari owner!

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