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vape rotation

vape rotation

All the time I see people showing their current rotation. Well, here’s mine.

In the front you see a black Vapor4Life V4L Handle. This is a great variable voltage mod that I wish I could use more but I broke the bottom of the battery door. I am going to re-home the innards into something a bit more stable to be able to use it again.

Next to that you see 2 Screwdriver mods. The gold is an MKI (or mark one) made by Screwdriver with a small cartotank on it and the black is an MKII (or mark two) made by I think Totally Wicked and it has a nice 306 dripping atty on it.

Above that is a red Bolt with a black extender ring.

Above that on the left is a Sigelei 20 mechanical mod (or Roller clone). It’s a nice looking telescopic mechanical that works well once you replace the spring in it.

On the right is a Sigelei 19. Nice bottom fire telescopic. I believe this is the “B” version as it only has a battery magnet on the bottom cap. On the top cap there is a spring instead.

And now the bigger pile at the top from left to right. First is a Sigelei 8. Beautiful mechanical. Take a hard look at it. There are multiple tubes in this mod but I bet you can’t see the seams! Unfortunately this beauty suffers from some of the stupidest electronic design and I am going to have to whip out the tool box and make visits to the hardware store in order to get it to work without dramatic voltage loss. Notice no atty on it? Yeah. That’s why.

Next to that is a LavaFire Extension, or at least that is what it was called when I bought it. Later I found it listed as a Sigelei 12. This thing is heavy and the bottom button is a bit fiddly, but once you are done fiddling it seems to work ok.

That black handle looking beastie is an Ovale VV v6. It uses 2 18350 batteries and is a powerful little sucker. The VV is sort if inaccurate as it really is multiple voltages. 3.7ish, 5 and 6 or so. The construction of the case is particularly cheap, which is ok because the mod is pretty cheap itself, but, like i said, it works pretty well actually. Sitting on top is a generic (albeit blue) cartotank at 3 ohms holding some RY4 from Hangsen. I actually like Dekang better 😉

The DrawTube or DrawTube Smart telescoping bottom side button mod is shown with a cheapo cartotank holding some Vapor4Life Cinnablaze (one of my staple juices). I wish I could tell you who the actual manufacturer is for this mod because it actually works really well, but if you look on the net you find 10 people all who say it’s theirs. Suffice is to say, like most of the rest, it comes from China.

Right next door is a gunmetal Smok Telescope. Nice heavy mod. Fires well and looks good (I think) with that carbonfiber J-Wrap (yes I know it isn’t the right one but it’s close enough for me). On top is a mini Vivi Nova tank (a good one from Kingpin Ecigs) with some NicVape Chocolate Covered Cherry e-juice from VapingXtreme. I can’t vape too much of that at a time as it is soooo sweet, but it’s delicious!

iTaste MVP with a Kanger ProTank full of LibertyVapor RonY4 Chilled. This is one of my go-to mods and vapes for an all-day haul. The MVP/Protank combo works particularly well together IMHO and they look like they were made for one another.

That little blue square dealie is an L-Rider Robust VV. Nice little mod with a CE4 or similar style clearo on it. Has a great spring loaded centerpost design. Inside that clearo is some LibertyVapor Deer Blood (it’s a delicious Jagermeister flavor).

A black Bolt with a chrome extension ring is next in line. Bolts are just fantastic rugged mods. I think everyone should have a couple, and they are inexpensive enough for everyone to do so. Topping that off is an VapeOnly BCC tank. This is a bottom coil tank much like the Kanger T3, Protank or Evod. It seems to work quite well after you take out an extra wick string. It is full of LibertyVapor Starz and Stripes juice – that’s blueberry, strawberry and cream and it’s delicious!

A special one is next. It comes in a box that says “Hybrid” and nothing more. In reality that is not the case. This is some king of Caravela clone packaged together with a ZAU clone. They sure do look good together though. and that Caravela clone just *feels* classy (and works well too). This clone set is expensive but clearly worth it.

Next to that expensive set, we have the anti-expensive set. It’s a CCTS or China GG (Not the KTS – well it is but it’s not). This is another one of those who dunnit mods and my first mechanical. This thing works great and sitting on top is a Cobra RBA clone full of VapingXtreme Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road. It’s a mouthful to say, and one of my must-have juices. You can buy a KTS mod (same as what I have but different logo) for less than $20 if you look around.

Next one over is a Smok Natural. This looks a lot like the Sigelei 8 but not as elegant. For instance you can see all the tube seams and the locking ring is not as finger friendly. However, there is a big difference, this one works pretty well. A cartotank full of LibertyVapor RonY4 sits at the top and it’s what I am reaching for right now.

The next 3 are Vapor4Life Vapor Zeuses. A Large black automatic filled with Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road, a smaller black auto filled with RY Twist (also from V4L) and a Faux Tobacco looking one that is a switched manual/automatic. These things vape like freight trains smoke.

My most expensive mod there is a nice black Provari Mini with 2 extension rings on it so I can use 18650 batteries. Sitting on top of that is an iClear 30 with some LibertyVapor Missing Linc (spiced pear w/ a little menthol – redonkulous!)

Sigelei Zmax in silver with a cheapie cartotank full of LivertyVapor South Vaniladelphia. This is another vape I always seem to keep close by. IMHO, this is probably almost a Provari replacement for those people on a budget. This is a good VV/VW mod!

That big beefy silver thing is one of my all time favorites. It is a Silver Bullet. This one with an extension ring and a kick set to 8 watts. It is often said that all serious vapers will own one or more of these and after having used this one I know why. It works SOO well, it’s beautiful in its simplicity and it just feels right. Sitting on top if mine is a V-Core 2 tank full of LibertyVapor (do you notice a pattern?) The Phoenix.

iTaste SVD is that lightsaber looking thing next to the SB. A Kanger ProTank full of LibertyVapor Orange Cream sits atop. Note that this mod looks even more impressive if I put that V-Core 2 on it. Then all the StarWars junkies start crawling out of the woodwork!

And Last on the hotlist is my gunmetal Vamo (v2) with an iClear 30 holding some Caramel e-juice by the Vapor Cafe in Ephrata. Quite yummy! The Vamo is hands down the best VV/VW mod for the money (around $40ish) in my opinion.

There are a couple other notables that didn’t make the pic because I temporarily misplaced them in the melee. I have a eGo passthrough with a mini nova full of Nukamelon I always have handy as a standby, and a Smok E-Pipe sporting a mini DID clone full of Deer Blood. Fun to use but too damn expensive right now.

I have some other odds and end eGo stule batteries and clearomizers that seem to make the rounds to new vapers and such, but that’s about it!

Hey! It’s better than smoking! 😉

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