E-Cig Review: iTaste MVP V2.0!

MVP 2.0

MVP 2.0

Ahh yes!
Some time ago, probably 8 or nine months now, one of the first “Mods” I reviewed was the Innokin iTaste MVP (the original one). I still have it and I still use it quite frequently. In all it’s simplicity (for a Mod) it has become somewhat of a go-to device for many people, just because of it’s quality, ease of use and durability. Well, Innokin has finally decided to update that device and I, for one, was waiting with baited breath to see what they were going to do with it.

As it turns out, my friends over at Liberty Vapor let me know yesterday that they *just* got them in, so I headed out that way to pick one up. Yes, I had to have one right then. 🙂 These are VERY hard to find in the wild just yet!

They had several “colors” available, but I picked up this one, which is black, but sort of has this wood-grained finish to it. It’s darker than the smooth finished one and I have a silver MVP 1, so this was the one I chose. Immediately what I could notice, when comparing it to the original MVP was this one has a matte finish on the endcaps, instead of the original chrome which was a fingerprint magnet. It looks nice! Also, the LED color has changed from red to blue and lastly, they slightly raised the fire button. Other than that, it looks identical to the original. Same dimensions, button and port placement, etc.. The trim ring has also changed. It used to have this bulge at the bottom which sort of hung over the edge of the mod just slightly. That is gone leaving the ring butting straight into the top of the MVP now. An improvement, yes, but I actually like the look of the trim ring included with the protanks better. But alas, that is another story..

The real interesting pieces of the new MVP are its guts. It still has battery life-o-plenty, packing 2600mAh under the hood, but it also now has an Ohm checker, a battery voltage display and it now does variable wattage as well as variable voltage (yay!)

When you look on the side, on the display, instead of seeing up and down buttons as they were on the old MVP, you see a “U” and a “P” button. I think the “U” should probably be a “V”, and that would give you a better idea of what the buttons are but, hey, I am not Chinese. 🙂

Both buttons, when pressed individually, after a second, give you the number of puffs you have taken since the device was turned on, just as with the old MVP. On the new version, continuing to hold the “U” (V) button for 3 seconds will put the device in to variable voltage mode. This displays the voltage the device is currently set at and further rapid clicks on THAT button will *increase* that voltage setting to 5v where it will then round robin down to 3.3 in .1 volt increments. The same scenario on the “P” button puts the device into variable wattage mode (or variable power mode), where you first get the puff counter, then the current wattage/power setting and further rapid clicks on THAT button let you *increase* the wattage/power to 11w, which then round robins down to 6w in .5w increments. Holding BOTH buttons together first displays the atomizer Ohm setting, and a second later the current voltage of the MVP’s internal battery. Note that you *still* have the MVP standard green, yellow, red LED display on the fire button to indicate battery status as well.

I completely dig this thing and have already recommended it to 2 friends who are just getting ready to step into a bigger mod and variable wattage.

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