E-Cig Review: Smoktech PBC V1 Tank

Smoktech PBC V1

Smoktech PBC V1

*jedi wave* This IS the tank you’ve been looking for.

I like to go to new area brick and mortar vape stores because I think it is really important to support them so that I and others will continue to have such resources available. That being said, the other day I ventured into the new Delco Vapes shop in Philadelphia to check them out and see their wares.

While there I was looking for something to buy (again, support your local shops, people), I saw this interesting looking tank, which I initially thought might be a carto tank. Imagine my delight to find it was indeed a bottom coil tank (my preference), and a big one at that!

This is the new Smoktech PBC V1 tank, PBC for Pyrex Bottom Coil. The name really gives away the big secret about this tank. It’s pyrex (glass). The outside of the tank actually hides this by putting a protective plastic sleeve over top of the glass, so no more drop and break, or at least it’ll be slightly more difficult to do so.

This tank will hold a good 5ml of your favorite e-juice (some sites say 6) and uses a proprietary smoktech bottom coil, so your Protank coils just won’t fit the bill. Actually, some people say they “fit” but flood right away. Personally, I haven’t yet tried that and I am so enjoying having this thing full and working, that I doubt I will anytime soon. In fact, you’ll notice a lack of disassembled tank pictures here for that exact same reason 😀

In a word (or two) it works, and it works quite well. I have been running some 50/50 juice through this tank on it’s stock 1.9ohm head for almost a week and I am happy as pie. 3.8 to 4 volts, sitting on my Vamo and it’s just been “right”.

The reason I have it sitting on my Vamo is purely aesthetics. This is a BIG tank about the same diameter as a Vamo 22mm, so it looks slightly odd (imho) on mods with that 18 or 19mm sloped top cap. Speaking of looks, that protective plastic covering comes in a variety of colors as well like red, green, purple, smoke (black), etc., and at a very reasonable price of $10 to $15 depending on where you find it. Well worth it if you ask me, which you are if you are reading this 😉

There are 2 noticeable drawbacks with this tank. The first is that it is legitimately hard to unscrew the base to fill it up or change the coil. It has a very smooth end cap which tends to stick to that plastic cover pretty strongly, so *when* you buy one of these, make sure not to snug the base on too tight or you’ll be looking for vice grips to get it off again. The second issue is also a plus depending on your point of view. Again, it holds 5ml of juice. That’s a lot. Heck, that’s enough to actually get me through a work day. If you are one of those folks who delight in swapping flavors frequently, you are going to just have to buy more of these tanks to take with you.

Finally the last plus, much like the Protank 2 series, this tank will let you use your own drip tips. Yay!

Anyhow, this is a really nice tank and I am completely digging it. Products that are being released now are so much better than they were a year ago when I started it actually amazes me. You just can’t go wrong here and if you happen to go to Delco Vapes to pick one of these up locally, tell ’em Linc said hi!

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