E-Cig review: iTaste 134 and iClear30s

134 and 30s

134 and 30s

Oh yeah, this is totally a 2-fur review, but that’s because I already had the picture and it looks so good 😀

The other day I was visiting my preferred vape hangout Liberty Vapor and bought an iClear30s. Actually, it was a couple weeks ago and I got it with my new iTaste VTR and just never used it until the other day, but that’s another story..

Anyway, I decided to actually give this new iClear30s a try. I really REALLY did not like the regular iClear30 as, for me, the friggin thing flooded every 10 minutes or so (ok maybe every 15 tops). That sorta performance cuts down on my vape time and wastes my juice, so I was hesitant to try anything new that still said “iClear30” on it. I was assured multiple times that this new one worked a treat so I finally gave in and tried it.

Apparently, the little “s” on the end means “we fixed this and made it work” in Chinese because that’s what happened. The internal design has changed immensely. All the coil heads and wicks are now encased in this cylindrical cover which resembles a cartomizer with a bunch of holes laser punched in it. This is no longer something that is rebuildable as you don’t really have any direct access to the coils. It’s purely disposable and it purely works. Pretty good trade off if you ask me.

The outside has changed slightly for the better as well. They have dropped a lot of that ugly knurling and replaced it with some more aesthetic but still grip-able cap designs and made it possible to get rid of that included metal swivel tip and use your own more comfortable and better looking drip tip. Good thinking there imho!

So far I have run maybe 10 or 12 tanks through the two of these I have and only had a couple minor flooding issues, and they were related to refilling and not just accidental or laying the tank on it’s side or something like that. The flooding I experienced was before I actually realized that I could use my own drip tip and I *think* what happened was the included swivel tip collects a lot of condensation. When you crack the tank apart for a refill, I believe that condensation runs down through the coil flooding it out. It hasn’t happened since I have been using my own drip tips, but then again, I have been slightly more careful too. I’d love to hear from anyone else who notices this just out of curiosity, but as I said, this has been nowhere near the problem the old iClear30 had and is certainly not a reason to avoid these whatsoever. For around $15, these are working mighty well this time around actually better than one of my original Protanks, but I will deny having actually said that 😀

I also JUST got an iTaste 134. That’s the awesome looking Lightsaber or Galing gun looking ecig (mod) in the picture.


Well, now that I have that outa the way… This really is an interesting mod aside from its looks. It is wide in diameter. which makes it really stable when standing on its end and arguably easier to hold on to. Now I don’t have arthritis but I can remember my grandmothers hands knurled around a pencil and I remember seeing cooking / eating utensils for arthritic people having big handles. This sort of mod would definitely fit that bill better than a thin ego or something similar. With that girth comes weight too, though. I don’t think it’s WAY heaver than, say, a Provari,. but it’s noticeably heavier for sure. For me this is a bonus. Personally I think heavier and more substantial often speaks of better quality and craftsmanship. YMMV of course.

This is a variable wattage or variable power mod and the only display is the wattage, in .5 watt increments marked into a selector ring which encircles the mod slightly below the fire button. Understanding the intricacies of variable wattage is beyond the purpose of this post, but it’s not as difficult as you may think and even if you knew nothing about it at all, you could put an atomizer or tank on here, set the power to the middle and then tweak it forward and back to get what you want and then NEVER have to dink with it again.

The mod uses 18650 batteries. This is good. Lots of long lasting power, when your battery peters out, you just pop in a new one and you are off to the races again. No stopping your vaping habit for a recharge or being tethered to a usb cable while charging either. And speaking on that topic of size, this mods size has enabled it to have this large and easily grip-able base, which is where you put the battery in. Nice a?!

I am really diggin’ this thing. I like it’s looks. I like it’s feel. I like how it is really usable and still very simple to operate. It’s not overly gaget-y or fiddley. It’s a bit on the expensive side at between $110 and $140 where you can find it, but rugged (yes I have tomahawked this already on the ground and floor and a steel table leg) and cool as hell. Go buy one and the geek in you will love you for it 😀

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