I ran into this company, Suprem-e e-liquid cigarette, which is an Italian company specializing in e-juice. I had never tried an Italian e-juice before and they graciously sent me some samples for review. In fact, they sent me an entire display! There were 15 bottles of juice in there, so it did take me a bit to run through them and give them a proper tasting, and here’s what I thought:

Nice packaging w/ expire date, etc.
20 ml bottles with child (adult) proof caps (squeeze them hard).
These are all a 50/50 PG/VG Blend.

RY4 Pleasure:
Caramelish smell
Very nice / smooth. Hint of cotton candy and caramel creme?

Minty smell but not overbearing
Tastes JUST like the “Pillow Mints” you see at Christmas time. Delicious!

Very dark. Not as fragrant as I had expected.
Flavor is sweet and slight but there. Very unexpectedly smooth.

Smells Delicious!
Again, very mellow but tasty coffee.

Nice black licorice smell. Definitely licorice but not overpowering or assaulting like some black licorice vapes I have tried. Smooth enough to be an all day vape and not just a dessert vape.

Il Bacio (The Kiss?):
Very strange almost chemically smell to this – perhaps it’s my cold… Very dark liquid.
This is a hazelnut with a chocolaty background note. It’s the “real deal” hazelnut, which to me has a slightly bitter aftertaste and not the watered down mass consumption hazelnut coffee flavor we see so often.

Irish Cream:
Undeniable smell of Irish Cream!
Cream, vanilla, coffee, a bit chocolaty with just enough whisky hint so that you know exactly what this is. Anyone who likes Irish Cream will be instantly familiar with this flavor and very comfortable with it.

Smells like rum and tastes like it too. 😀

Very mild tobacco smell.
Mild (blended?) light tobacco flavor with more TH than I had expected. Not overly nosey but the tobacco taste is definitely there. There may be a subtle sweetness in there too.

First Pick:
Slightly more than Velvet. More scent, more flavor, still mild but tasty.

Bold. A robust dried tobacco flavor. Not subtle but not bitter.

Oddly colorless compared with the other tobacco flavors. Very good. A milder tobacco with an almost fruitiness to the taste.

Stronger than I expected. A good quality blended tobacco taste.

Stronger smell and darker color that goes with it. Now we are talking. This is like a first pick tobacco – unprocessed. This reminds me a bit of a Cohiba cigar. Strong tobacco, but not dirty. This is something any cigar or natural tobacco smoker should enjoy.

Again, oddly colorless. Kind of a combo of the Blended and Sunset. Milder, Sweeter, again somewhat fruity. True to it’s name, it’s tasty!

The juices I tasted were all from their “Classic” line, which, again, come in 20 ml bottles. They also have a “Dodici” line – 12 ml bottles, with some different / additional flavors. I’d love to try these sometime too – absinthe, orange, jelly? Heck yeah!

The flavored juices I tried are all quite good in their own right, but the hidden gem here was really the tobacco flavors (the last 7 in the list I tried). Now, I have been a vaper for a little over a year at this point and I didn’t think tobacco held this much of an interest to me, however, these really deserve some attention. There is a little something in there for everyone I suspect (except maybe a menthol smoker). They are just excellent, all quite mellow and flavorful. I know these guys are searching for some US distributers, and honestly, if you are one, you may be doing yourself a disservice by not at least trying some of these and considering them. New vapers sometimes seem to have a hard time finding just the right tobacco flavor that they can be comfortable with, and my bet is there would be something in this set they would like!

Check out Suprem-e today and if you pick up one of those bottles of orange before I do, let me know what you think!

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