E-Cig Review: Ecigg.org Zen Juice

Waiting on info from one vendor and review materials from another I decided to check out some local fare. Here in the Philly area there are several notable juice makers, one of which is Ecigg.org. Ecigg.org holds the notable distinction of being the only vape shop in the area right now which has multiple locations, or sister stores. It also has started its own juice line recently called Zen Juice.

I had the opportunity to sample a few of their juices and here’s what I thought:

RY4 Mix:
This is a straight RY4. I think it tastes a lot like Dekang, but in a good way. It has that familiar taste but without the chemically or overly harsh aftertaste that you sometimes get with a Chinese made juice. It’s actually pretty good.

This is Ecigg.org’s answer to a RY5, which is supposed to be a sweeter version of a RY4. What I get from this is RY4 mixed with marshmallow. Not regular marshmallow, but a toasted marshmallow. It’s a good bit sweeter and deeper flavor than the standard RY4,

Vanilla Swirl:
This is a vanilla candy flavor. Pretty tasty!

Guava Candy:
THIS is just delicious! I have long been a fan of Guava and one of my favorite juices is Goya Guava Nectar. This nails it.

These juices are all a 50/50 PG/VG blend and quite tankable. I have had them in a Smoktech GBC and PBC, both bottom coil tanks and both performed with good flavor and no dry hits. This is good stuff, folks. Give it a try!

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