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A couple weeks ago, Dann was saying how he was reading the Watchmen, and remarking on how good it was. Well, I hadn’t EVER read a graphic novel, or even touched a comic since I was maybe 10, so I decided to pick it up to see what I was missing.

Well, I am finished with it now and my opinion is that is really was very good! The story line was sufficiently adult enough to hold my attention. There was a lot of action going on. The character development was done well. The artwork was absolutely fantastic!

This brings me to the second portion of my post. Since I was so enamored with the Watchmen (hey it was a great read while on the train all week), I wanted to see if I could find another graphic novel to read during my transport. I stopped by Barnes and Knoble and looked around a bit but didn’t initially see anything that really caught my eye. There are a lot of graphic novels there, but the artwork in most is really bad (imho) and in still others, the subject matter is a tad juvinile. Then, just as I was about to leave, I spied a large cardboard end-display with copies of DanielX Alien Hunter on it. A quick peek inside revealed really nice drawings, so off I went with it. I hope to get a chance to start reading it soon.

In other news:

I had the opportunity this weekend to watch both “Wanted” and “Meet Dave”. Wanted was a really good action flick (I thought anyway) and Meet Dave was a really funny alien comedy with Eddie Murphy. Both were good enough that I would watch them again, so if you are looking for some way to kill a couple hours this week while you are off, pick one or both of them up. Just be warned that Wanted contains inappropriate subject material for young people.

Lastly, I found out that, although it isn’t too terrible, my ferrets do not necessarily enjoy taking a bath. I decided that they were getting pretty dirty so it was bath time. With tear-free shampoo in hand I proceeded to dip them one by one into the sink. Puff, slightly distracted enough to dig at the water while he was in there, did the best, although he was not into staying very long. Stinkerbell literally had the crap scared out of her. Teddy was big enough to be able to reach to edge of the sink, where he held on for dear life almost long enough to get wet. He’s quite a handfull when he is focused on getting away from the evil water stuff! In retrospect, I should have taken pictures, however, my hands were quite busy 🙂 Perhaps next time.

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  1. DrHyde Says:

    Other good graphic novels include: Maus; Nemesis the Warlock; The Ballad of Halo Jones; When the Wind Blows

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