I dig the blues

One of the real perks of working/living in the Philly area that never occurred to me before coming here was the fantastic street musicians. Sure, there are some real stinkers, but I have run across some really great ones in my travels through the train stations.

Today, I stopped and bought a cd from just one such group of guys that I had been listening to all week. Gregory Underwood, John Brock and Ron Davidoff do some really good blues stuff and I picked up their second Suburban Station R&B cd. I also have, in the past, picked up a cd from Anthony and the Reverend. This is just great stuff. These are the kind of musicians who really live their music, their music is as natural to them as breathing and just as necessary for them to live.

I only wish I had the resources (and the ambition) to get a bunch of these guys together and get their stuff on a website for them and help make them a little money and give an avenue for the rest of you guys across the net to hear how cool this stuff is.

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