Standing Ovation

I happened into the Exton Music store today and was persuaded to get another guitar. Actually, my neighbor had mentioned that the store was trying to get rid of some old stock and had a deal on a couple 12 strings there, and it took me until today to get there and look. At any rate, I have never really had a “really nice” acoustic guitar, and I have *always* wanted a 12 string. They sound really cool. I have had a lot of different guitars before, and they were mostly all cheapo’s. This one, however, is different. I bought an Ovation Celebrity Deluxe cc255. It’s just like the one in the picture, but slightly darker wood. It sounds phenomenal! The best part is I got it for $100 off the list price.

Now all I have to do is learn how to play better 🙂 Anyone have any links to some of those 3 chord songs 🙂

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