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You have heard me tell you before that cssh (Cluster ssh) is one of my most favorite tools as an admin. There is only 1 problem I have with it, and that was getting it installed on CentOS or RedHat. Not I mostly use it on Ubuntu, and that’s just a quickie apt-get install clusterssh away, but on RedHat and CentOS it’s VERY difficult to figure out how to get it going. You can find the package without too many troubles, but there are a pile of dependencies that seem hard to fulfill. Well, after some digging, here’s a sure-fire way to get it running on RedHat5.x and CentOS 5.x:

wget http://yum.trixbox.org/centos/5/old/perl-Tk-804.027-4.i386.rpm
wget http://packages.sw.be/perl-X11-Protocol/perl-X11-Protocol-0.56-1.el5.rf.noarch.rpm
wget http://dl.atrpms.net/all/clusterssh-3.21-4.el5.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh perl-Tk-804.027-4.i386.rpm
rpm -Uvh perl-X11-Protocol-0.56-1.el5.rf.noarch.rpm
rpm -Uvh clusterssh-3.21-4.el5.i386.rpm

Do that on a command line as root and you’ll have a functional cssh. Now there is some wierd error that ends up on my console when this is running, but it does appear to function correctly. Have at it folks!

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2 Responses to “CentOS / RedHat + CSSH”

  1. doublejoon Says:

    cssh is awesome. Saves me about 2hrs at work

  2. rmccaffi Says:

    Of course you can always do….

    yum install clusterssh

    At least this works in Fedora15 and CentOS 6

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