So here I am with this beautiful Macbook. A Macbook 5,2 as a matter of fact.

My original intentions were to put Linux on this kickin’ machine, but, as it happens, I have procrastinated until now. I looked around a bit and read through several sets of documentation on how to get things going on this laptop the way I would like, and it seems that all I had to do was install Refit and shrink down my OS X install to give me a little hdd space to work with and that would let me run Linux…. Well, that was what I thought.

Indeed, you *can* run Linux on a Macbook 5,2, however, there is a real annoying point for me right now that’s a show stopper. You cannot even boot the kernel without an acpi=off. This means no power management. This means having to hard-power-off my laptop every time I shut it down.

Now the kicker is that supposedly the system will boot *with* acpi if I pass a nosmp or maxcpus=1. Dang. I don’t know what I worse, hard powering off the machine each time, or no being able to use my cpu horsepower. Sheesh. I hope they get this stuff fixed soon!

(edit:) Did you ever notice that, when blogging, how easy it is to make gigantic run-on sentences?

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