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A few weeks ago I saw that an Alpha of Google Chrome was available on Linux. I could hardly wait to try it so I quickly loaded it onto my Ubuntu 8.04 box and took it straight out for a spin. First impressions were that it was clunky looking and I immediately noticed that it would not handle html authorization. That is something I NEED to use (fail), so I just filed it away and went back to using my beloved Firefox.

Fast forward to today when I noticed once again that there was a package update for GC and I decided that since I had seen a few of those go through I should probably give it another spin. All I can say is “WOW”. This thing is shaping up to be absolutely fantastic. It’s blazingly fast and handles things with speed and grace that Firefox barfs on. The only thing I have had any trouble with on it so far at all is an ornery java application I occasionally have to use, but then again, it was difficult to get it working under Firefox as well and I haven’t spent *any* time on trying to get it to work so far.

If you haven’t tried GC yet, you really should. You are missing out! You can find the directions for getting it at:

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  1. snkmchnb Says:

    Linc, you should check this out for any Fedora machines you have or if you decide to try F11 again.

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