Prrrrrrrresents in the morning.

One of the things I most hate in this world is when I am woken up for anything right before my alarm goes off. I guess this has to do with the horrible quality of sleep I get, which consequently leads to the minuscule quantity. For some reason, ever since my daughter was born I am an amazingly light sleeper. Any slight noise will not only wake me up, but keep me up. If my daughter coughs or sneezes in her room at night I wake right up. I digress…

This morning, maybe 5 minutes before the alarm went off, my cat decided that is would be a great idea to prance into my bedroom and start yowling, purring, chirping and scratching at the rug. Naturally, I thought she was going into heat again. She’s fixed, but whether you believe it or not, fixed cats can and do still go into heat, it’s just a lot quicker and, thankfully, quieter.

Well, I yelled at her to shut up. Threatened her immediate and imminent demise under my breath. My wife called her. Nothing would shut her up. Just as I summoned the rage to spring up and crush her to death, the dang alarm went off. So, I grumbled and trudged to the shower instead.

A few minutes later my wife showed up to explain exactly why the cat was so happy. Apparently, she had brought us a present to show off and she was really proud of it and would not shut up until she had an audience. She caught a mouse, was carrying it around and took great delight in bringing it to my wife for examination and praise. 😉

My wife was good about it though. She managed to find some can from the garbage to scoop it into a bag with without calling for help or vomiting 🙂

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