What’s on your bookshelf?

The Official Ubuntu Server Book

Ahh, these are the kinds of books I really dig. As a systems administrator, I love to get books that detail setting up servers and services and this is exactly what this covers for Ubuntu. Here you can learn about things from what bind is and how to get it working to kickstarting, raid and a plethora of other server topics. Great reference material here, especially for those people who are thinking they want to get a server set up at home. You just can’t go wrong with this one.

Pro Ubuntu Server Administration

If you were going to really really get into Ubuntu server administration you would want this book, probably to go along with the Official Ubuntu Server book. Like the title suggests, this book is intended for those people who are in up to their neck in serious admin tasks. This book covers things like getting Nagios running so you can monitor things better, server performance analysis, iSCSI, LDAP and even a smattering of VPN. It’s the stuff the big boys play with, and it’s a great reference and tool for those kind of tasks on Ubuntu servers. I try and make it a policy to pass a lot of my books along so they can also benefit other people, but this one stays put on my bookshelf. I am keeping it 🙂

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