What’s on your bookshelf?

The Walking Dead

All work and no play makes Linc a dull boy, right? Well, I thought it was about time to touch on one or two things outside the linux/technical arena. One of these things is the “The Walking Dead” series. This is a comic series that I was introduced to by Dann Washko after he an the other guys from the TechShow finally convinced me to read the Graphic Novel “The Watchmen”, which, by the way, is also on my bookshelf.

I am a big horror movie fan from way, way back and have all the required George Romero movies nearby and handy on dvd. These comics, now bound in “graphic novel volumes” up through 10 right now, are a fantastic extension to my zombie movie collection. Not only that, but these graphic novels are really really good in their own right. The story is great, the character development is fantastic and the artwork is really top notch. If every graphic novel was as good as these, I would have a room full of them.

So, if you are a graphic novel/comic fan or even a horror/zombie fan, this is something you just have to get a hold of.

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