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Here’s a tip for all you ferret people. I have a ferret named Puff, and his most favorite thing in the world to do is to dig in his food bowl and fling his pellets around the house. The farther the better it seems. Long have I struggled to find just the right food bowl to help prevent this. Ideally, I thought some ferret owner somewhere would have seen the problem and come up with a heavy ceramic croc-type bowl with a pronounced lip around the edge which would be a good food-flinging preventer. No such luck. I could never find anything that was just right until one day my wife mentioned getting yet another food bowl for our ferrets so we could go on a trip. She wanted a gravity feeder trough-type bowl. I just knew this would be the best toy in the world for Puff and set out to see what I could find on the internet.

What we came up with was no-spill doggie bowls. We actually found 2 that were acceptable. The first is the No spill pet bowl, which we found locally at PetSmart. Although this was not my preferred design and I thought this would be the first one they foiled, it has held up surprisingly well while the other was ordered off the internet. The main reason I am not sure about this one is because of the lid. I expect that sometime soon one or more of my fuzzies will figure out how to pop that sucker off and then the bowl will be , essentially, useless. The other problem with this specific bowl is the no-spill hole does not have a lot of food clearance at the bottom of the bowl and I am afraid that any food that goes toward the rim of the bowl at the bottom, will become inaccessible to the ferrets.

The other bowl, pictured here, is the Premier Pet Spill Less Bowl. This one mimics most closely the original design I had in mind and addresses the problems I have with the first bowl. There really is no place for food to get stuck and hidden beyond reach, and there is no lid to pop off. I am betting on this one as the winner. The only problem is we just got it and I haven’t yet had the opportunity to test (and the other one is still working quite well). The only drawback I see to this bowl and the other as well is they are both made of plastic and not heavy at all. Of course this means that the ferrets will push them all over the cage. Oh well, I guess they need some sort of entertainment in there at 3am right?

Either way, these bowls are just right for diggers like I have, check them out and let me know what you think! And if you are into making ceramics and want to take a crack at making a ceramic version of the second one with a little more weight, you just let me know, I’ll be your first buyer 🙂

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