Arrgh VMware!



Some times you just can’t win.

A while back I got some decent server hardware and decided I was going to migrate my main server to a VM, so I could make it more portable and more reliable, etc.. Well that worked out really well, for the most part, until lately.

I set up the 64 bit version of VMware Server 2.X, created a brand new VM server, got all my services running on it and all was well initially. For some reason, though, recently my VMs have just been randomly powered off. I cannot find anything in the logs, and the host machine is still running. This has happened a couple times to some other people as well. It’s very puzzling and quite frustrating to me. The only thing I have noticed about the problem is that, on my server, it seems that the VMs stay powered on longer if the management console is not running. When it *is* running, the VMs get shut down in a few hours (always when I am not around to watch them or restart them it seems) and the management interface gets stopped at the same time.

Searching the internet has been absolutely no help on this one, so if anyone has any hints, tips or information, please shoot me an email before I rip out what is left of my hair.

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