Craptacular service

Isn’t it amazing the level of customer service you get these days?

Here’s a no brainer: Computer geeks get irritated when they do not receive the internet access they are paying for. They get even more frustrated when your service policy is “it’s not my problem”.

Thus has continually been my experience with comcast. Don’t get me wrong, the speed and connection is nice *when I have it*, but I have had 4 extended outages in less than a year, and it’s starting to try my patience. Further, when you are a customer service *technician* who has to flip through a manual to find out what your name is today, and the customer indicates you have “no clue”, you probably don’t and should forward the call on to someone who might.

My only salvation with my 16 hour outage yesterday was my next door neighbor, who just hapens to be a comcast service technician and knew the right people to call and bitch at.

I wonder what kinda deal I can get with verizon fios…….

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