A native of sunny upstate NY, Linc started fooling with computers more than 20 years ago. His first computer was a Vic20 and he still has one 🙂 His first real computer course at age 13 was on a mainframe at the State University of NY in Oneonta. Since then it’s been one computer after another, always learning and completely taken by the technology at hand. Linc now works as a Systems Engineer for a large university.
Several years ago Linc met Dann via an online ad about starting a Linux Users Group in the Lehigh Valley of Pennsylvania, and they did just that. the Lehigh Valley Linux Users Group becoming one of the oldest and most seccessful LUG’s in Pennsylvania and perhaps farther.
Late in 2003 Linc once again approached Dann about a new project he had in mind, and the LinuxLink TechShow was born!
Linc’s interest and current hobbies include such things as Collecting and playing with computers, playing pool (badly), chasing after his daughter to keep her in line, and enjoying the audio and video technology of the day.
Linc’s current Linux Distribution picks include Debian, Ubuntu, and of course, the best, Slackware! Linc also really digs NetBSD and runs several servers and occasionally a workstation on it.

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