Nook, Kindle or iPad?


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On the last TechShow, we talked for a few minutes about eReaders before the show was over. I was pretty much on the fence about what to do about my pressing want of such a device and I was soliciting opinions and advice on the matter.

I have long wanted an eReader because I absolutely hate carrying piles of heavy books around with me, and getting an eReader gives me the opportunity to bring along a whole bunch of books wherever I go and they all fit into my pocket! The problem I ran into was which one to get?

I like the Nook because it supports more open standard ebook formats and it is locally available at Best Buy. I am on of those instant gratification people that has to be able to walk out of the store with my item in hand. Waiting for delivery drives me insane 🙂

I like the Kindle because of its general popularity, the ease of integrating it with my existing Amazon account, the book availability, and, really, I just like Amazon. I also really like that the Kindle has a keyboard (such as it is). The downside for me there was, again, I had to order/wait for the thing.

The iPad? Well, I really dig that tablet form factor, and, after having used an iPad for a few minutes, you can really see the draw of the thing. Lots of pretty applications, aesthetically pleasing, it’s the right size, I can read every kind of eBook on it, etc., etc., etc.. Downsides are its price is 4x the price of a Kindle or Nook.

What I really wanted was a 10 inch Android tablet. Unfortunately, you can’t even get a decently working 7 inch Android tablet yet. Also, when they do come out (still vaporware as far as I am concerned), they will be at the same price point as the iPad.

What’s a guy to do? Do I just keep waiting and waiting and end up never getting anything? Do I just go for the iPad and then get irritated with myself when a decent Android tablet comes out right afterward?

Well, the answer just sort of came to me yesterday. I had to go to Best Buy to pick up a movie for my wife and what did I see there? They had not only the Nook, but also the Kindle for sale. Of course I had to check them both out while I was there. It was, after all, clearly some kind of omen.

I ended up picking up a Kindle after comparing the two side by side. The kindle was faster, the demo unit actually worked (big plus), the Kindle was actually about $10 cheaper, I think it’s better looking as well, and I do remember reading about B&N having some financial dificultes recently as well. I have used the Kindle for a day now and I am still pleased with my purchase. I have to say that these things are pretty cool and I wish I hadn’t waited this long. If you are still on the fence about this like I was, go hit a Best Buy and check them out!

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