twidge on CentOS

A couple days ago I was reading a post from Knightwise and he mentioned using twidge on his server to do some fun stuff with his twitter account. Well! That sounded to me like just the thing for me to get some use from my neglected twitter account. Unfortunately, twidge is really best used on a debian type system and *my* server runs CentOS 5. This is a simple recipe to shoehorn twidge onto a CentOS 5 server.

I downloaded the twidge binary from

The binary requires libcurl-gnutls which CentOS just doesn’t have. I snuck around that by doing

ln -s /usr/lib/ /usr/lib/

Then the binary told me it needed libffi. This I could get from the epel repository. Do that by doing

rpm -Uvh

and then

yum install libffi

That gets twidge working ….. mostly. Because of the sneaky I pulled with that libcurl-gnutls thing, twidge generates an error message on each run. It still works fine, but gives me a message on each run:

twidge: /usr/lib/ no version information available (required by bin/twidge)

Undaunted, the easy fix for that is to dump the unneeded error to /dev/null like so

twidge lsrecent 2> /dev/null

And there you have it! For those of you looking to employ twidge on CentOS or similar Linux, this will get you going pretty quickly. Enjoy and I’ll tweet ya later!

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