Want to feel cheap?


This will be of interest to any of my fellow computer professionals out there:

Recently I have been bombarded every time I turn on the TV with commercials from ComputerTraining.Com. This is an institution which boasts that in just 6 months it can turn your life around with an exciting new and high paying career as a computer professional. Now to me, this is wrong on so many levels…

I find it hard to believe that you can be turned into a computer expert in 6 months. The mere suggestion that you can acquire that kind of knowledge in that short amount of time at least implies that knowledge and training in this field is easy, even simple. It really cheapens my chosen career.

This is the kind of place that turns out paper tigers who inundate the field, making opinions and salaries of legitimate professionals low. If you think I am kidding, remember how many horror stories you have heard and perhaps personally experienced about help-desk/support calls. Then, take a walk to their website and look at the job titles of the people who have student success stories..(help desk tech’s)

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