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I know I have mentioned before that I believe people (computer workers) are more productive with more screen realestate. Well, I am more productive for sure. I like being able to visually keep track of a lot of things at one time and you just can’t do that efficiently with one screen and several virtual desktops (not that they aren’t useful in their own respect). To that end I started looking at my desktop where I have 2 lcd screens, disjoined and each connected to it’s own computer. I figured it would be much more efficient to control both with one kb/mouse combo.

Many moons ago, I had reviewed a fairly new (then) piece of software called Synergy2, which allows you to control multiple desktops with one set of kb/mice, just like I was interested in doing now. However, I have already used that before. I have also used a great program called X2x, which accomplishes the same thing between 2 X displays. I decided I would try yet another program, X2vnc, which is another program to accomplish the same task, except it works between and X session and a vnc session (like the name suggests). Now this is a great thing to have around for me because I tend to have vnc installed on my systems, so I only had to install this program on the machine that I wanted to use the kb/mouse on. A quick install and a “x2vnc -west machine_name:0” and I was easilly moving between my mac and linux box lcd’s and even cutting/pasting text, links, etc./ as well. In fact, I am posting this now on the opposite machine that I am typing from. It’s fantastic! I feel like I have almost gained a second monitor, but it’s even better, because it’s attached to it’s own computer!

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  1. sojourner Says:

    linc, if i am not mistaken that is asp code in the header image. are you secretly a microsoft dev?

  2. linc Says:

    SSSHHH! You’ll give it away! 🙂
    Actually, I do LAMP, but I liked the look of this particular stock template. It’d be nice if there were one like this with some PHP in it!

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