E-Cig Review: V2 Cigs

V2 Cigs is definitely one of the big boys in the industry. I can’t imagine anyone looking for an e-cig and not hitting V2 somewhere. They also act like the big boys as evidenced by the review materials they threw at me. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised. It has been my experience that the big name companies seldom return review inquiries but V2 was Johnny on the spot! Apparently they are not at all afraid of showing off their wares.. Great!

As I mentioned, V2 sent me a lot to review – one of their Ultimate kits (last pic). What I will do, however, is start with what you get with their most affordable kit, the Express kit, and talk about the extras afterward.

The Express kit, which retails for $25, has just what you need to get started with e-cigs. It includes one of their batteries, one cartomizer equal to 1-2 packs of cigarettes, and a charger. Personally, I would love to see them upgrade this kit to add a couple more cartomizers, but you are still seeing good value for the price. There is a good deal of quality in these products and V2 is not afraid to show it off. They are one of the few vendors that go as far as listing all the specifications of their product for caparison, while most vendors only say things like “Best on the market”. For instance, you can easily find out that the Express Kit’s battery, their “standard” battery, is a 4.2 volt, 110mm, 250 mAh battery that should run you a good (estimated) 200 puffs per charge and should charge completely in 3 hours. There is some good and relevant information in there a person just might want to know before purchase!

There is quite a pile of flavors available to make your selection from. My favorites were the menthol flavors. and the Mint Tea in particular. All of them, however, are quite good. The cartomizers make a nice medium bodied vapor (depending on how heavy you drag), and I found the full strength to be quite throaty, but tasty all the same. I asked if the throatyness went away with the nicotine level and was told they would send me a few with no nicotine to check out, however I haven’t yet received them to test. I’ll let you all know what I think when I do. In the mean time, make sure to pick up one of their flavor samplers, which sell for only $17 but contain all their flavors for you to test (and is the equivalent of about a carton of cigarettes too!)

The hard case ($20) I received to try out was actually pretty interesting. It’s not much longer than a battery and about as wide as a pack of cigarettes and half as thick. This thing is really sturdy and has this nifty sliding top. You can easily fit either a battery or two and some cartomizers in there for travel. It makes for a very sophisticated looking carrier.

The soft case ($20), however, was the case I really preferred. It’s a good rugged looking fabric type case and there is a wad of room in there for several batteries (3 in their own pockets), a USB charger and a hand full of cartomizers as well as some other miscellaneous stuff, if you are so inclined. There is, however, one problem with this case. Each cartomizer comes with this little rubber cap or condom to keep it fresh. With this cap on, the cartomizers will not clip in their holders. What I did to get around this was to offset the caps on each end so that the middle of the cartomizer is clear to clip into its holder, but it just seems to me that the clips themselves ought to be wide enough to accommodate the cartomizer with the caps on?

One other accessory I found oddly implemented was the lanyard ($8). I can see such a thing being *extremely* useful for people, however, it appears, on the website anyhow, that the correct method of deployment is to put the led-end of the e-cig into the lanyard cap. I wonder if the cartomizers would leak, carrying them around all day upside down, or at least have the fluid drain away from the atomizer end a bit. I do want to explicitly state, however, that during the time I wore this and tried it out it appeared to function just fine… But it still looks weird to me 🙂

I was really impressed with their PCC (Portable Charging Case) for $50, which bears a striking resemblance to the hard case described above. This is a bit longer than the hard case, a bit wider, and, of course, heavier since it has the capacity in it to be able to recharge an e-cig battery for you on the go. It’s simple enough to use. You screw the battery into the connector, close the case and hold down the button on the back for a second or two. The case has led status lights to show you not only how much charge the case itself has, but how much charge is in your e-cig battery as well. I really liked this, and like the hard case it also has the sliding top and room for a battery or two with space for some of your favorite cartomizers as well and, if you get the XL version you can use it to charge other devices as well like cameras and phones.

Lastly, they included a Power Cig ($28). This is a USB pass through device, which means you can plug it into any USB port and it’ll use the power from that port instead of relying on battery power. Why would you want such a thing? Well, if you are like me and attached to a computer or laptop all day, or even within reach of an outlet, you could use this instead of a battery and never ever have to work about running low or out of power and you would always have a consistent smoke (vape) throughout the longevity of your cartomizer. No need to stop and recharge or swap batteries out what so ever. Pretty cool! They also have a Notebook Cig on their website for the same price. The only real difference I see between the two is color and cord length. Note that these devices *also* come with a 5 pack of cartomizers 🙂

I would love to comment on the disposable e-cig samples they sent me, however, I gave those to my kid who has been vaping on them for over 2 weeks now. They are *still* working 🙂 I would expect to hear more about these folks here in the future as I am still waiting on the low/no nic carts, plus I am itching to try their beta LiquiMax Blanks and some E-Liquid (and maybe a drip tip or two). How cool do they look!?

Stay tuned and when you go there, tell them Linc sent ya!

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