Hey! Wait a Mint-it…

Broken Cinnamon

Broken Cinnamon

I spent an entire night in frustration with this so if anyone has any ideas, I am all ears.

I upgraded my Linux install from Mint 13 (yes I know – old) to a fresh v15. After a couple hours the lappy locks up hard, and I mean hard. Video still running but nothing else working at all. No kb/mouse/ssh/nothing. I jumped to a VT and let it go until it hung again and see this (pictured). DAMN, I thought. I have a bad CPU – just my friggin luck. I decided to do a bit of googling around and I saw a post somewhere that someone had some hard lockups running Cinnamon on v13 (I think it was), so I figured I would install XFCE and let it run under that just for a test. Guess what? It ran all night under XFCE with no issues. Although I am relieved that I probably don’t need to buy another new laptop (I am so damn poor), I am somewhat frustrated by the effect of Cinnamon on my machine. Anyone, anyone?


Well, it finally happened again. It appears that it is actually the CPU. Dang.

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