What your eGo wants for Christmas – or even sooner!

Mini Protank

Mini Protank

I have been a bit lax lately in my reviews. RL has just been keeping me super busy. That aside, yesterday I bought a couple Kanger Mini Protanks. I absolutely love the regular sized ones so I was excited to give this a whirl too. What can I say? It is everything I expected it to be and more.

Over the past month or so I have become increasingly dependent on my regular Protanks to be my steady all day, every day vape companions. They just work, and after I got a little used to the slightly airy draw on them, it feels quite alien to try anything else. The Minis are no different.

The Minis are slightly smaller version and skirted to fit your eGo with precision and a nice clean look. They also recess nicely into bigger eGo threaded mods like a Vamo or iTaste SVD and look nice doing it. The draw is the same as the regular Protank, and they even use the same atomizer heads.

These are a rock-solid device and you can bet I will be carrying them around, along with the regular sized as well (which by the way looks stellar on my Provari).

I cannot wait until the Protank 2 rolls along!

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