E-Cig Review: The Standard – Cell Block Four

The Standard - Cell Block Four

The Standard – Cell Block Four

A good friend of mine ran across this Juice and let me try a bit of it. The Line is called “The Standard” and the juice is
“Cell Block Four”.

This is one of those designer e-cig juices. A really interesting and different bottle, all glass, nice label and, unfortunately a hefty price tag to go with it. This particular bottle was purchased in a local vape shop for DANG close to $30 for a (they say 30 ml) bottle. Like I said, a little on the pricey side for me, but hey, it’s fancy right?

The first thing worth mentioning again here is that bottle. Nice but you need a syringe to get the stuff outa there, or maybe carry a separate dropper. Either way, you are going to have to carry something extra to get the juice out and safely into your atomizer.

The juice itself is supposed to be a creme brulee with a hint of citrus, and I tell you that I can smell the creme brulee for sure. I don’t really smell the citrus but there is a very heavy perfumey scent there. I was hoping that it wouldn’t taste like that. Unfortunately, it does.

The taste is just like it smells. Creme Brulee with this heavy perfumey thing going on. Whatever it is, it just hangs there in my palate and it’s difficult to get rid of. There is also a strange throat/mouth bite to this juice and I think it’s from the perfumey ingredient. I really gave this a college try but in my opinion it is just not vapable.

Now all that being said, this is a wildly popular juice, either by people with much more sophisticated tastes or just because it’s fancy looking maybe. In all seriousness, taste really is a subjective thing and if you are into *really* fragrant vapes, this may well be your bag and you should give it a try. I just didn’t like it.

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