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This past weekend I went to the DC Vapefest as sort of a mini vacation with my wife. This was the very first big meetup I went to and it was pretty cool to see all the people there!
And people there were… LOTS of them! Oddly enough, most everyone wearing a black T shirt of some kind or another, so there was an absolute sea of black shirts as far as the eye could see. So many that the venu was almost too crowded to get through (the exhibitors/vendors area at least). That’s what I was there for really, to browse through the vendor area and it was easy to see I was not alone 🙂
There were soem familiar favorites there like Madvapes and Mount Baker Vapor and some others unfamiliar to me. I picked up a tank at Madvapes, some Uncle Junk’s John Wayne juice (delicious) and my wife found some juices she likes at the Zeus Juice booth. All in all it was a good time except for the extreme crowding. They really need a bigger venue. The vape haze there was comical!
I think the thing that interested me the most there was what I DIDN’T see. Sure I saw a plethora of Nautilus tanks floating around and those that didn’t sport them were playing with their RDA’s, but I didn’t see ANY 26650 mods, and I was SURE there would be an explosion of them. Maybe my meter is off or something 🙂 Or maybe they will all be there next year? I guess we’ll see.
I was pleasantly surprised to find some people there I knew. I bumped into the fellas from Ecigg.org and Delco Vapes (Philly peeps) checking things out and looking for new goodies for their shops. I also ran into the folks from Vape Dojo from MD, whoc I did a review for early on last year. There was a veritable riot at their booth the entire time I was there. It was great to see them doing such good business!
Again, a great time, and maybe next year I will be able to spend a little more time there than just a few hours, and I’ll get to see some of the talks too!

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