Ahh, what to do..

I have long been pondering what to do with my BashPodder website. It really needs an overhaul in the worst way. I could use some suggestions from those of you who have any interest 🙂

My thoughts are to possibly change it’s site into a forum type thing for people to post their changes/modifications. That will keep me from having to keep track of them manually anyway. Procrastination keeps getting in my way though. What do you think?

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3 Responses to “Ahh, what to do..”

  1. spotslayer Says:

    I think the community could take care of it and leave you to other more important things. Namely cigars and whiskey.


  2. linc Says:

    That would be great, but it hasn’t happened so far 😉

  3. Gomer_X Says:

    So what’s wrong with the site?

    I suppose a forum might be OK so people can communicate. Getting people to actively discuss bash scripting is a good thing.

    I’ve got as many custom versions of bashpodder as I have computers (at least). It’s just easier for me to hack it than to go look at how someone else did it.

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