Zombies, zombies everywhere

Some days having good friends just doesn’t pay. Case in point, I had been looking for a good new graphic novel, something Dann got me started reading with “The Watchmen”. He then suggests I check out The Walking Dead. Boy oh boy, I shoulda seen this one coming. I have long been a fan of George Romero, maker of the greatest zombie stories ever created. These graphic novels are very reminiscent of the great ones’ stories, so much so that they had me instantly captivated. After reading the first in the series in a couple hours, I went on a 60 mile sweep through 2 states to get the next 4 books, 2 of which I read the next day. I also picked up the first “30 days of night” books as well, but that’s a different story.

Anyhow, this graphic novel series is fantastic. I highly recommend it to any zombie, George Romero, or graphic novel fan. Just do yourself a favor and if you are like me and need them now, make sure to call the store and have them put hands on the copies before you go out to get them (as one employee put it, these books tend to walk fast), or if you can stand to wait, just order them through Amazon. Thanks Dann!

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