Todays desktop

Todays desktop

I don’t know why, but I have always been fascinated by what people have on their desktops and how they have them configured. Well, today I ran into a link to a site I hadn’t visited in a long time, and that is Unixporn. No, it’s not porn, it’s a bunch of people sharing how cool their desktop looks. Eye candy. Anyhow I thought I would post my desktop so far today. I’d put it on the Unixporn site, but hey, then what would I post here? 🙂 Show us all what your desktop looks like!

Addendum: I probably should mention what is actually running there. Gnome, Nautilus, xterms using vim for programming, transparent gnome-term running mocp for music, thunderbird email, pidgin instant messaging, and google chrome for browsing.

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4 Responses to “UnixPorn”

  1. gorkon Says:

    OK 70’s pop music? Are you serious? I am jealous of th edual monitors though. I’ll have that soon.

  2. gorkon Says:

    What mp3 player is that in the terminal?? Mpg123?

    Oh how I miss a easily installable XMMS. Audacious is growing on me though.

  3. linc Says:

    Yes, 44 inches of monitor there and yes, 70’s pop, followed by BeachBoys, followed by 80’s pop 🙂

  4. linc Says:

    The player is “mocp” and it’s very cool. Try it out!

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