E-cig Review: Bobas and Seduce Juice



Ahh, another juice review! As always, remember that juice tasting is, of course, a subjective thing and your mileage may vary…. But I’ll tell you what I think anyway πŸ™‚

A friend of mine gave me a sample of the infamous Boba’s Bounty e-juice a couple weeks ago. This is the “real deal” Boba’s from Alien Visions E-juice. 100%VG only at 6mg nic. It’s a juice that is all the rage on the forums and sometimes is quite hard to obtain, so I had never tried it. Well, that and my last experience with one of those massively popular juices didn’t turn out so well (Pluid – icky). Anyhow, when I first smelled this I got a tobacco/rasiny smell. I like raisins, so I was excited to try it! What it actually tastes like to me is a mild tobacco with honey-graham crackers and prunes, YES, prunes. This may turn you off but IT IS DELICIOUS! Really! The problem then is, of course, the availability and the fact that is it ONLY VG. You see, I am not a dedicated dripper when I vape, in fact, I am hardly an occasional dripper, and 100% VG is difficult to tank. I have had **some** success with repetitive dinking with the amount of my protank head’s flavor wicks with this juice, but is has been limited and slightly frustrating. Knowing what *I* think it tastes like, I set out to find something similar that was slightly more tankable.

Seduce Juice

Seduce Juice

The first thing I ran into was a juice called Jango by Seduce Juice. Now for those of you who are Star Wars impaired, Jango, was Boba’s father (kind of). Boba is a clone of Jango that jango raised as his son. Anyhow, therefor, I figured that their e-juice, Jango, would be a clone(ish) of Bobas. Turns out that it is not, but it is kind of close and tasty at that πŸ™‚ I picked up some 50/50 PG/VG Jango at 6mg nic for a try and to me it tastes like a mild tobacco base with a buttery graham cracker. It’s missing that whole raisin/plumb taste which I really enjoy in the Bobas, but it is certainly tankable and quite good in its own right. Different than Bobas but in the same family, so to speak.

Seduce Juice also sent me a sample of their Jezebel juice. Same ratio and nic level as the other juice. This is nice! Very nice! This is a fragrant juice which, to me, is melon(y). In fact, the only melon I could really pick out independently of others was a little watermelon, and that was only when I vaped it the very first time, and even then, it may have been only a faint scent. If I try hard, I can imagine tasting any melon you can think of in this, but it’s all blended together *really* well. This is very refreshing for me as I am recently used to a more heavy flavored vape. I guess you could say this was my lemon sorbet in between dinner courses. πŸ™‚

I don’t think you could go wrong with any of these. Give them a try, and, until the next one, vape on!

October 20th, 2013, posted by linc

HTML 5 Unleashed

HTML 5 Unleashed

HTML 5 Unleashed

This has been a hard review on me in a lot of ways. The first being I found it very difficult recently just to get the time to put into this, and secondly, and more importantly, I just plain suck at Javascript πŸ™‚

This is not the first book on HTML 5 I have reviewed for Pearson, I reviewed the HTML5 Developer’s Cookbook previously, and I hope to be able to review more, because I am just not very savvy with this yet. Thankfully, this really has nothing to do with the book itself though. The book is layed out very well, like all the rest of their “Unleashed” series and I particularly appreciate their orange chapter tabs on the sides of the pages. This helped me a lot as I was flipping back and fourth trying to figure out what I was messing up this time.

The author, Simon Sarris, does a really great job of laying the book out in a sensical manner by first explaining the new stuff in HTML 5 and conceptualizing things a bit before moving into the easy things like working with the new layout and tags on to adding new audio and video goodies and then, where they leave me in the dust, working with canvasing, geolocation and other more advanced APIs.

This book gives really good examples and color illustrations and exercises to follow along with. Just exactly what I need in my HTML 5 learning quest, without being overly wordy, long and over complicated, or too technical. I found it helpful and, with some further practice, I can make better use of it than I do now. For a paltry $45 (retail) you’ll certainly get your monies worth.

And since I mentioned practicing this, it bears mentioning that Pearsons InformIT has just released a flagship new product called a “Learning Kit” which is “a self-paced electronic course that integrates text, graphics, video screencasts, and interactive quizzes into one complete tutorial.” Delivered in zip format it’ll run in any HTML 5 compatible web browser. And to top that off, they are letting me play with the one that goes with this subject, “Sams Teach Yourself HTML5 Mobile Application Development in 24 Hours (Learning Kit)“, which is freaking awesome, because I surely need it.

This stuff is the distance learning wave of the suture my friends and my only hope is they keep remembering me when they need a review πŸ™‚ Thanks again, Pearson!

October 10th, 2013, posted by linc


OK, so it’s October and once again there is an onslaught of spooky movies and ghost hunting shows all over the digital media outlets. Although I have LONG been a fan of such things, I have a few questions to pose to the ghost hunters out there. Leave it to me to go interjecting logic into all this, but some questions just scream for an answer.

Why is it that all ghosts are presumed to be telling the truth? So assuming that you actually get to talk to a ghost that has been harassing you or your family by haunting and scaring the crap out of you, WHY do you believe a word they say? I mean, I hardly believe anyone living I meet in person, let alone some dead guy that has been hiding for 100 years in my closet.

Speaking of closets, why do all ghosts seem to live in the closet, attic or basement? Presumably, while alive, most people live in their living room, at work, etc.. Why such a change? I mean if you are invisible and stuff, what’s to stop you from hanging on the couch and watching Oprah? What is the allure of the closet? And what the heck are they *doing* in there all day? I assume they don’t need to sleep?

What’s the deal with the dark? You will see countless paranormal investigators tell you that “spirits require a lot of energy to manifest”, but in the same breath, they turn off all the power. Do they *not* want to find them? I also notice that normal people see these ghosts during the day, or while watching tv or doing laundry (again in the basement). So why not follow the scientific method and try and duplicate that and do wash with the lights on instead of bump into walls in the dark while trying to “see” something?

If you have a haunted house and you are terrified enough to seek help. WHY go to a paranormal group? These groups come into your house, declare it haunted and then leave, leaving you with the problem (at least the ones on tv do). I mean, don’t you already know your house is haunted in the first place?

Paranormal groups that use psychics? Seriously? Why not use two psychics, have them write down their impressions independently and then compare notes. Otherwise you have 1 that says whatever they want with no verification, or two at the same time that just agree with each other. And how come they all head straight for the basement, closet or attic πŸ™‚

Cleansing your haunted house with burning weeds. This I do not understand other than the fact that it probably smells up your house. I mean if that makes ghosts go away then great, but what happens when you plug the air fresheners back in? Go and get some *actual* clergy and not some emo chick ringing a bell and throwing rock salt on your floor.

Are there “good” ghosts? Time and time again, I see these paranormal groups saying “there is nothing here to worry about”, “they won’t harm you” or even “the ghost of your -insert relative here- is here to protect you from -insert evil ghost-“. EXCUSE ME?! If there is some invisible person making noises rummaging around in my basement or playing with my dishes and “manifesting” themselves in front of me when I am waking to the bathroom to pee, THAT is not harmless. It is trying to frighten you to death. People actually do get scared to death you know, not to mention the stress that kind of thing could put a person or family through.

Exactly what are they saying? This is probably one of my biggest beefs. Aside from believing whatever unverified malarkey your resident psy”chick” tells you, your options are some kind of one sided conversation like light this light for “yes” kinda thing (what if they want to light it for no?), or EVPs, which to me mostly sound like overdubbed intestinal gas recorded on an 8-track player.

I am sure there is more but I will stop here and leave room for what I hope is the barrage of interesting comments!

Haunt ya later!

October 8th, 2013, posted by linc

E-Cig Review: The Terminator

The Terminator Tank RBA. Not this guy:, but this guy: terminatortank

I have some buddies that work over at Liberty Vapor who occasionally throw me a piece of gear to check out, and one of their throwbacks is the Terminator Tank RBA. First off, what is an RBA? Well, it’s a (R)e(b)uildable (A)tomizer, or one that is designed so that you can change out your own wick and wire internals for prolonged continued use.

I have discovered a while ago that *I* am not very good at the whole RBA thing because my eyes and fingers have a hard time keeping up with the teeny tiny pieces, but this one just may be worth the effort for me. You see, one of my favorite ways to vape is with a carto-tank, which is just a big old tank of e-juice that feeds a cartomizer inside it through a hole to keep you vaping all day long. They generally have good taste and vape and, when done well, little maintenance for a long while. This particular RBA actually takes the place of the internal cartomizer and, from my testing, works pretty darn well!

This is really a 5 piece setup, but you may only get 2 of those pieces depending on where you buy it. The main two pieces are body pieces and they are the pipe or air stack, which screws down to the atomizer base to form a somewhat bulbus looking cartomizer. The extra pieces you are going to need to give this a run for your money are going to be a 510 to 510 (shorty) extension a tank of some sort and, of course, your favorite drip tip.

In order to get this thing into a tank and actually have it be able to screw into a battery you will need to put a shorty extension on the bottom. I know there are some tanks out there with sealed bases and pre tapped 510 bases that eliminate that need for a 510 extension, but all I have was a regular old tank with a hole in the bottom. That being said, try hard and look for one that at least has a fill hole. It sure makes things easier.

First things first though, in order for this contraption to work, you are going to need to build an acceptable coil. I am not going to go into all the details here, but suffice it to say that inside this RBA is a ceramic cup where you can build your wick and coil. Once assembled, you can adjust the flow of the e-juice to this RBA by means of loosening the pipe from the base while it is submerged in your tank full of e-juice.

I put it all together in a regular cheapie tank by first inserting the RBA with 510 extender in the base of the tank, then filling the tank 3/4 of the way full to allow some breathing room and then carefully pressing down the top cap of the tank in place. This is why I suggested a tank with a fill hole. Less messy. What I noticed though is by doing this process, I believe while I am pressing on the top of the tank, it is slightly priming the wick inside as that liquid really has nowhere else to go other than through the RDA at that point. You will notice that the top of the RDA does sick up above the top of the tank significantly, and that is so that you have a grasp point to be able to slightly unscrew the top from the base to allow for improved e-juice flow. I am running a 50/50 juice in mine and have it unscrewed maybe a millimeter and it’s been vaping like a champ for well over a week.

I have had zero issues with this, but I have heard complaints about flooding. There are a lot of places this can go wrong. It seems that of you aren’t careful, while adjusting your flow control you can actually unscrew the RDA from the 510 shorty extension, which would, of course cause a catastrophic leak. Also, you could simply unscrew your flow control too much causing the same issue. In order to avoid these pitfalls, I make sure the 510 shorty is screwed onto the base nice and tight and while adjusting the flow, I hold onto the *tank*, which puts pressure into the bottom of the RDA, keeping it securely in place. YMMV, but it has been working well for me so far and I haven’t leaked a drop.

With a little care you should be able to get this going and keep it that way and for less than $15 for an entire setup, including the tank, the price is difficult to beat. I give it a definitive thumbs up however, beware of it’s twiddly nature. You can find these at a lot of vendors like Madvapes, NHaler, GotVapes and many otheers.

September 9th, 2013, posted by linc

Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment 3/ed

Good gracious this is a big book! What’s funny is I KNOW I have read and reviewed a previous edition of this book and I spent a half an hour looking for it this morning, but it must have been before I moved and on my old Blog. That being the case, well it’s high time you heard about this monster!

This book, Advanced Programming in the Unix Environment, by Stevens and Rago, is the 3rd edition of what is, essentially, the Unix Programming Bible. In fact, so much so that I cannot imagine any serious Unix/Linux/**ux contributor that doesn’t own a copy or at least know what it is.

This is *not* light reading. It is a reference book. This is the stuff geek dreams are coded in and you are going to want to be familiar with the C language to get a lot of this.

All the internal workings and ideas about this kind of operating system, how it works, or is supposed to work and code examples are included here. The least technical chapter in here is the 1st, which is the overview chapter. This goes over things like input/output, files/directories, processes, error handling, and system calls. From there, the chapters narrow in more on specific subjects like Process control, Daemons, Signals, Threading, etc.. Like I said, there is a LOT of very specific information in here. That being said, if you are developing anything more than some scripting, this has what you want to know. This is not to say that those are the only folks that can get anything out of this book, though. Even without understanding the code examples, a person could get a good understanding and overview of how this fantastic type of operating system works, and why. This is the category I find myself in more than any other. Although I have done some C programming, I find myself using this book to help me conceptualize how things are working the background.

No self respecting Unix/Linux geek should be without this book in one format or another. The hard copy I have was sent to me by Pearson Education for the purpose of review. They sell this in book in dead tree format for $70 and $45 for the electronic version. That may sound like a far bit of money, however, remember this is not a story book you read once, this is going to be something you turn to for the right information when you need it. I almost always give away my review books after I read through them, but this one is sticking around. In fact, I am just going to take it to work with me so I can have it handy where I would normally need the information anyway.

September 7th, 2013, posted by linc

E-Cig Review: iTaste MVP V2.0!

MVP 2.0

MVP 2.0

Ahh yes!
Some time ago, probably 8 or nine months now, one of the first “Mods” I reviewed was the Innokin iTaste MVP (the original one). I still have it and I still use it quite frequently. In all it’s simplicity (for a Mod) it has become somewhat of a go-to device for many people, just because of it’s quality, ease of use and durability. Well, Innokin has finally decided to update that device and I, for one, was waiting with baited breath to see what they were going to do with it.

As it turns out, my friends over at Liberty Vapor let me know yesterday that they *just* got them in, so I headed out that way to pick one up. Yes, I had to have one right then. πŸ™‚ These are VERY hard to find in the wild just yet!

They had several “colors” available, but I picked up this one, which is black, but sort of has this wood-grained finish to it. It’s darker than the smooth finished one and I have a silver MVP 1, so this was the one I chose. Immediately what I could notice, when comparing it to the original MVP was this one has a matte finish on the endcaps, instead of the original chrome which was a fingerprint magnet. It looks nice! Also, the LED color has changed from red to blue and lastly, they slightly raised the fire button. Other than that, it looks identical to the original. Same dimensions, button and port placement, etc.. The trim ring has also changed. It used to have this bulge at the bottom which sort of hung over the edge of the mod just slightly. That is gone leaving the ring butting straight into the top of the MVP now. An improvement, yes, but I actually like the look of the trim ring included with the protanks better. But alas, that is another story..

The real interesting pieces of the new MVP are its guts. It still has battery life-o-plenty, packing 2600mAh under the hood, but it also now has an Ohm checker, a battery voltage display and it now does variable wattage as well as variable voltage (yay!)

When you look on the side, on the display, instead of seeing up and down buttons as they were on the old MVP, you see a “U” and a “P” button. I think the “U” should probably be a “V”, and that would give you a better idea of what the buttons are but, hey, I am not Chinese. πŸ™‚

Both buttons, when pressed individually, after a second, give you the number of puffs you have taken since the device was turned on, just as with the old MVP. On the new version, continuing to hold the “U” (V) button for 3 seconds will put the device in to variable voltage mode. This displays the voltage the device is currently set at and further rapid clicks on THAT button will *increase* that voltage setting to 5v where it will then round robin down to 3.3 in .1 volt increments. The same scenario on the “P” button puts the device into variable wattage mode (or variable power mode), where you first get the puff counter, then the current wattage/power setting and further rapid clicks on THAT button let you *increase* the wattage/power to 11w, which then round robins down to 6w in .5w increments. Holding BOTH buttons together first displays the atomizer Ohm setting, and a second later the current voltage of the MVP’s internal battery. Note that you *still* have the MVP standard green, yellow, red LED display on the fire button to indicate battery status as well.

I completely dig this thing and have already recommended it to 2 friends who are just getting ready to step into a bigger mod and variable wattage.

September 4th, 2013, posted by linc

Knock Knock…

Is anyone in there?
Well, admittedly I thought it was time to get in here and blow the virtual dust off. It has been a while and once again, RL has gotten in the way of VL. I have been carrying a bit more burden at work with some issues and projects of late and I have been volunteering my digital skillz lately to help some friends out with their website in the miniscule amount of free time I do have. That left precious little time for anything else. Many of those projects have come to some sort of culmination or at least leveling off a bit, so here I am πŸ™‚

I know a lot of you like my reviews and I do have some lined up with (I hope) more on the way:
On the Techie end of things I have several new books released by Pearson Ed that are currently staring me down. I am also planning on going to the Ohio Linux Fest for some much needed geeking out and R&R in a little over a week. That should provide some content here as well.
You E-Cig junkies won’t have to wait long either. There are a bunch of things I have purchased in the past couple months that I have some strong opinions on and I am happy to share. If I am lucky, I will also be able to do a nice review on a really high end mod shortly as well. Stay tuned for that stuff.

September 4th, 2013, posted by linc

What your eGo wants for Christmas – or even sooner!

Mini Protank

Mini Protank

I have been a bit lax lately in my reviews. RL has just been keeping me super busy. That aside, yesterday I bought a couple Kanger Mini Protanks. I absolutely love the regular sized ones so I was excited to give this a whirl too. What can I say? It is everything I expected it to be and more.

Over the past month or so I have become increasingly dependent on my regular Protanks to be my steady all day, every day vape companions. They just work, and after I got a little used to the slightly airy draw on them, it feels quite alien to try anything else. The Minis are no different.

The Minis are slightly smaller version and skirted to fit your eGo with precision and a nice clean look. They also recess nicely into bigger eGo threaded mods like a Vamo or iTaste SVD and look nice doing it. The draw is the same as the regular Protank, and they even use the same atomizer heads.

These are a rock-solid device and you can bet I will be carrying them around, along with the regular sized as well (which by the way looks stellar on my Provari).

I cannot wait until the Protank 2 rolls along!

July 29th, 2013, posted by linc

On Rotation?

vape rotation

vape rotation

All the time I see people showing their current rotation. Well, here’s mine.

In the front you see a black Vapor4Life V4L Handle. This is a great variable voltage mod that I wish I could use more but I broke the bottom of the battery door. I am going to re-home the innards into something a bit more stable to be able to use it again.

Next to that you see 2 Screwdriver mods. The gold is an MKI (or mark one) made by Screwdriver with a small cartotank on it and the black is an MKII (or mark two) made by I think Totally Wicked and it has a nice 306 dripping atty on it.

Above that is a red Bolt with a black extender ring.

Above that on the left is a Sigelei 20 mechanical mod (or Roller clone). It’s a nice looking telescopic mechanical that works well once you replace the spring in it.

On the right is a Sigelei 19. Nice bottom fire telescopic. I believe this is the “B” version as it only has a battery magnet on the bottom cap. On the top cap there is a spring instead.

And now the bigger pile at the top from left to right. First is a Sigelei 8. Beautiful mechanical. Take a hard look at it. There are multiple tubes in this mod but I bet you can’t see the seams! Unfortunately this beauty suffers from some of the stupidest electronic design and I am going to have to whip out the tool box and make visits to the hardware store in order to get it to work without dramatic voltage loss. Notice no atty on it? Yeah. That’s why.

Next to that is a LavaFire Extension, or at least that is what it was called when I bought it. Later I found it listed as a Sigelei 12. This thing is heavy and the bottom button is a bit fiddly, but once you are done fiddling it seems to work ok.

That black handle looking beastie is an Ovale VV v6. It uses 2 18350 batteries and is a powerful little sucker. The VV is sort if inaccurate as it really is multiple voltages. 3.7ish, 5 and 6 or so. The construction of the case is particularly cheap, which is ok because the mod is pretty cheap itself, but, like i said, it works pretty well actually. Sitting on top is a generic (albeit blue) cartotank at 3 ohms holding some RY4 from Hangsen. I actually like Dekang better πŸ˜‰

The DrawTube or DrawTube Smart telescoping bottom side button mod is shown with a cheapo cartotank holding some Vapor4Life Cinnablaze (one of my staple juices). I wish I could tell you who the actual manufacturer is for this mod because it actually works really well, but if you look on the net you find 10 people all who say it’s theirs. Suffice is to say, like most of the rest, it comes from China.

Right next door is a gunmetal Smok Telescope. Nice heavy mod. Fires well and looks good (I think) with that carbonfiber J-Wrap (yes I know it isn’t the right one but it’s close enough for me). On top is a mini Vivi Nova tank (a good one from Kingpin Ecigs) with some NicVape Chocolate Covered Cherry e-juice from VapingXtreme. I can’t vape too much of that at a time as it is soooo sweet, but it’s delicious!

iTaste MVP with a Kanger ProTank full of LibertyVapor RonY4 Chilled. This is one of my go-to mods and vapes for an all-day haul. The MVP/Protank combo works particularly well together IMHO and they look like they were made for one another.

That little blue square dealie is an L-Rider Robust VV. Nice little mod with a CE4 or similar style clearo on it. Has a great spring loaded centerpost design. Inside that clearo is some LibertyVapor Deer Blood (it’s a delicious Jagermeister flavor).

A black Bolt with a chrome extension ring is next in line. Bolts are just fantastic rugged mods. I think everyone should have a couple, and they are inexpensive enough for everyone to do so. Topping that off is an VapeOnly BCC tank. This is a bottom coil tank much like the Kanger T3, Protank or Evod. It seems to work quite well after you take out an extra wick string. It is full of LibertyVapor Starz and Stripes juice – that’s blueberry, strawberry and cream and it’s delicious!

A special one is next. It comes in a box that says “Hybrid” and nothing more. In reality that is not the case. This is some king of Caravela clone packaged together with a ZAU clone. They sure do look good together though. and that Caravela clone just *feels* classy (and works well too). This clone set is expensive but clearly worth it.

Next to that expensive set, we have the anti-expensive set. It’s a CCTS or China GG (Not the KTS – well it is but it’s not). This is another one of those who dunnit mods and my first mechanical. This thing works great and sitting on top is a Cobra RBA clone full of VapingXtreme Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road. It’s a mouthful to say, and one of my must-have juices. You can buy a KTS mod (same as what I have but different logo) for less than $20 if you look around.

Next one over is a Smok Natural. This looks a lot like the Sigelei 8 but not as elegant. For instance you can see all the tube seams and the locking ring is not as finger friendly. However, there is a big difference, this one works pretty well. A cartotank full of LibertyVapor RonY4 sits at the top and it’s what I am reaching for right now.

The next 3 are Vapor4Life Vapor Zeuses. A Large black automatic filled with Vanilla Sky Tobacco Road, a smaller black auto filled with RY Twist (also from V4L) and a Faux Tobacco looking one that is a switched manual/automatic. These things vape like freight trains smoke.

My most expensive mod there is a nice black Provari Mini with 2 extension rings on it so I can use 18650 batteries. Sitting on top of that is an iClear 30 with some LibertyVapor Missing Linc (spiced pear w/ a little menthol – redonkulous!)

Sigelei Zmax in silver with a cheapie cartotank full of LivertyVapor South Vaniladelphia. This is another vape I always seem to keep close by. IMHO, this is probably almost a Provari replacement for those people on a budget. This is a good VV/VW mod!

That big beefy silver thing is one of my all time favorites. It is a Silver Bullet. This one with an extension ring and a kick set to 8 watts. It is often said that all serious vapers will own one or more of these and after having used this one I know why. It works SOO well, it’s beautiful in its simplicity and it just feels right. Sitting on top if mine is a V-Core 2 tank full of LibertyVapor (do you notice a pattern?) The Phoenix.

iTaste SVD is that lightsaber looking thing next to the SB. A Kanger ProTank full of LibertyVapor Orange Cream sits atop. Note that this mod looks even more impressive if I put that V-Core 2 on it. Then all the StarWars junkies start crawling out of the woodwork!

And Last on the hotlist is my gunmetal Vamo (v2) with an iClear 30 holding some Caramel e-juice by the Vapor Cafe in Ephrata. Quite yummy! The Vamo is hands down the best VV/VW mod for the money (around $40ish) in my opinion.

There are a couple other notables that didn’t make the pic because I temporarily misplaced them in the melee. I have a eGo passthrough with a mini nova full of Nukamelon I always have handy as a standby, and a Smok E-Pipe sporting a mini DID clone full of Deer Blood. Fun to use but too damn expensive right now.

I have some other odds and end eGo stule batteries and clearomizers that seem to make the rounds to new vapers and such, but that’s about it!

Hey! It’s better than smoking! πŸ˜‰

July 8th, 2013, posted by linc

BashPodder: A new update



Yes it certainly has been a while since I have done *anything* with BashPodder. I have, however, received a few requests for things and some for access to the code on GitHub so it could be worked into some actual distribution packages. Queue this post. BashPodder – the original, now on GitHub. https://github.com/lincgeek/bashpodder

Have at it folks!

June 29th, 2013, posted by linc