E-Cig Review: Suprem-e.it redux



Well, the folks at Suprem-e E-Liquid Cigarette were certainly listening to my last review and sent me out some additional flavors to check out. 11 more in fact! These flavors are from their Dodici line which if my translation is correct means “12”, which is indicative of the size bottle you are getting. Again, my standard disclaimer here is that these were provided free of charge for the purpose of review, which I will provide in an honest and straight forward fashion. And remember, taste is a subjective thing, for instance, some people enjoy eating yucky things like octopus . 🙂

Orange Plus:
OK, I had a hard time putting this one down. It seems like orange is a difficult flavor for people to do, and this one, as it turns out, is pretty good! Nice orange flavor and not overly harsh, which some citrusy vapes can be.

RY4 Regular:
Sort of disappointed with this one. As I mentioned, I am a RY4 fanatic, and this is definitely a RY4 and not a 3 or a 5, but I am getting a slight metallic taste from this that I just cannot place. Initially I thought maybe it was my cartomizer or maybe a new metal drip tip, but they were both swapped out and the taste remained. Is it me, or the Juice? Well, since the rest of the juice is such high quality, I am forced to assume it’s probably me.

Really more of a marmalade kind of taste in my opinion. Citrusy and berries and sweet. Not at all unpleasant to vape, and mixes really well with the orange 😉

Passion fruit. That’s what I taste. There are a lot of other tropical fruit flavors in there as well, but it’s the passion fruit for me that lingers on. Tasty!

Il Melone (Melon):
This one is pretty interesting for people who enjoy melons. I taste 3 (I think). Definitively there is Honeydew and Cantaloupe pretty strong with a hint of what I think is Watermelon hanging out in the background. Delicious.

Green Cloud:
OK, funny story with this one. When I do juice reviews I typically use cartomizers (they carry the taste the best I think). I do not look at descriptions on websites or anything more than maybe looking at the name on the bottle of juice. If I have several, I will shoot up a bunch of cartos and number them and the appropriate box/bottle so I know what to refer to in my notes. So all that being said, the only thing I knew about this one was the name. I assumed this was going to be some menthol or mint or both so I tried it. On the first vape I thought, wow. This tastes very earthy, mushroomy (?) Maybe there is something wrong with this carto. I checked and it was definitely not burny or anything so I tried again. This was interesting and not *at all* what I was expecting. It was almost like dried herbs. Not unpleasant but quite different. Then it hit me. All my college days came flooding back. It’s pot (marajuana). The taste and smell is definitely there, although not so strong as to get you busted (probably). This would be a great vape to pull out at a party to get some reactions!

A nutty tobacco. Very good with the slightest hint of an almost almondy bite at the end.

This one is a bit strange. I get a tobacco that has a very chocolaty and nutty aftertaste. It’s absolutely delicious but for me doesn’t match the name.

La Pesca (Peach):
Peach. There are 2 flavors which I am particularly adverse to and one is banana and the other is peach. What I can say is although I think peaches are icky all together, this peach flavor is most definitely a fresh peach flavor and not a candied peach flavor. Straight from Georgia to your mouth by way of Italy 🙂

Artic Mint:
This is great. This is really what I was expecting the Green Cloud to taste like 🙂 It’s a nice clean mint – cool and smooth. Love this stuff!

This is a lighter version of their black licorice flavor. Not as heavy a flavor. Would make a great all day vape for any licorice or Absinthe lover. Spot on.

As I mentioned on my previous review for Suprem-e, they really seem to be a quality juice maker and if you are in the market for something to carry as a retailer, you could certainly do worse than to check these folks out. If you just a vaper like me, their stuff is great quality and quite tasty and they seem to package and ship very quickly – faster than I have gotten some things from the other side of my own country! Good stuff for sure!

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